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Write a thesis about and discuss creative writing and how it is a useful skill. Use these three articles as sources....

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Write a thesis about and discuss creative writing and how it is a useful skill. Use these three articles as sources.
Include an Abstract paragraph. Include a title for the paper.
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Title: Creative Writing— A Useful Skill
The present article is an analysis of the three provided sources on creative writing. Creative writing has been a very lucrative field for students, professions and teachers in terms of expressing their viewpoints vividly. However, many a time, it has been looked down upon as a wastage of time and an informal style of writing that cannot be accepted on academic, journalistic or professional level. Therefore, with the help of this article, the thesis statement mentioning the usefulness of creative writing as a skill has been proven here.
Discussing Creative Writing and its Usefulness
    Creative writing is an artistic form of writing that does not follow the strict and formal norms of academic or professional literature. Creative writing has always been at the face of criticism due to its independent way of expressing opinions, beyond the boundaries of any formal writing process.
Therefore, it can be safely said that creative writing cannot be used for expressing technical aspects, journalistic piece of information, for academic purpose or for professional content. Based on this opinion, a thesis can be established in terms of analyzing the usefulness of creative writing. The present article aims to prove this thesis statement that creative writing is a useful skill.
As viewed by Strauss, its na
ative art of expressing the personal or situational opinion of writer often finds creative writing to be cited as the “frivolous waste of time” (The Washington Post 2018). However, Strauss criticizes this viewpoint stating that in the present times, students are forced to write in a strict manner, from where they cannot shift their style of writing.
In the article by Strauss, an opinion of an English teacher, Justin Parmenter, has been presented, according to whom, this cu
ent scenario is a painful one, especially for the teachers, who believe in their freedom of expression of their opinions. As presented in the article by Justin Parmenter in a magazine for teachers, he had very particularly indicated the reason behind people berating creative writing.
According to his analysis, creative writing occupies a major timeframe. As supported by Hecq, it is time-consuming because there is a free flow of the thoughts and the imaginations of the writer, who can express anything they are thinking about as well as in any format they want to (145).
However, most of the English teachers have to manage such a huge cu
iculum that it leaves them with hardly any time for themselves to indulge in the art of creative writing. They not only have to finish the entire cu
iculum within the span of a year, but also prepare the students with the format of writing in their examinations.
Therefore, the excessive pressure built up in the education system for the normal, as well as for the children, who have learning difficulties, under the program of No Child Left Behind, force the teachers to abide by the formal...

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