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Write a protocol analysis.A critical analysis of a particular protocol related to CT scan. You are to relate this back to the current literature/ other credible sources and provide justifications for...

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Write a protocol analysis.A critical analysis of a particular protocol related to CT scan. You are to relate this back to the current literature/ other credible sources and provide justifications for the protocol particulars.Here is the marking criteria:

Protocol Analysis


Comments/ suggestions for improvement

Introduction (10%)

Identify and justify the clinical significance of the collected protocol

Source of the protocol is acknowledged appropriately

Methods (30%)

Adequate details of the collected protocol is presented clearly

Identify and justify the items in the protocol that are going to be analysed

Selection criteria of the referenced protocol (e.g. patient/ user requirements)

Discussion (50%)

Analysis between the collected and referenced protocols is made and in-depth

Patient/ operator safety and / or management are considered and paramount

Benefits and limitations of the collected protocol are critically appraised

Conclusion (10%)

A succinct statement of the outcome of the analysis is provided and supported by the discussion content

Overall mark

*Fail 80

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Executive Summary
The present study focuses on the neurologic imaging procedure that helps in scanning the
ain, spine and neck. The detailed analysis of this procedure is done to check the benefits and harmful effects of the scanning. The study shed light on the factors that can influence the procedure. Moreover, the study discussed about the items used in the procedure during scanning. It is beneficial in the early diagnosis of common condition as well as life threatening diseases like cancer and stroke.
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Details of the collected protocol    3
Identifying and justifying items in protocol    3
Requirement of the users    4
Analysis of the protocol    4
Considering related factors    5
Benefits of the protocol    5
Limitation of the protocol    6
Conclusion    7
References    8

Every imagining facility has its unique examining protocol. The protocol varies with the individual requirement. Some factors can influence the protocol parameter of the specific site, which includes various types of equipment. The protocol of Computed tomography differs with the type of body parts. It is one kind of x-ray. The entire procedure of neurologic imaging procedure takes 45 minutes and it is generally done in hospitals. It provides clear two-dimensional images and generally used for the view of
ain and spine that are the main parts of a body. For the particular study, neurologic imaging procedure is followed that has particular protocol. The details of the collected protocol are discussed. There are various items and factors, which are identified and justified. The users have particular requirements that are shed light on. The protocol is analysed and the protocol has various benefits with the limitations, which are also discussed.
Details of the collected protocol
    The neurological examination helps to assess the motor as well as sensory skills. These skills help to function cranial nerves, vision, coordination and balance, hearing and speech, changes in mood and behaviour and mental status. It is a painless process that helps to diagnose critical
ain diseases. The head of the patient is holding on the head holder for the most protocol of head. However, Henzlova et al. (2016) mentioned that depending on the design of head holder, sometimes neck holders also could be used. On the other hand, Einstein et al. (2014) stated that sometimes sponges are also used instead of head holders. The patient needs to feel comfortable that helps to capture clear images.
This type of protocol helps to understand the anatomy of
ain as well as helps to analyse if there is any problem. According to Seeram (2015), changing image plane can help to provide additional information from axial to the coronal. The diagnostic process shows details areas that are potentially harmed. However, this type of computed tomography can be done in two position; first, the patient is asked to tented his chin forward and second, it requires a specialised head holder. In the computed tomography, the basic localisation point as well as basic plane is used.
Identifying and justifying items in protocol
    The items those are necessary in case of the examination are tuning fork, reflex hammer, needles, flashlight and ophthalmoscope. All of these items have various functions that help in the diagnosis of disease. These items help to diagnose infections for example, meningitis, encephalitis,
ain tumours and diseases such as Huntington’s disease, epilepsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. As it helps to produce the highly detailed x-ray image, it reveals various
ain issues. The process starts with the lying on the na
ow table, which slides in as well as out of the centre of CT scanner (Bailey et al., 2015).
The x-ray source is located opposite sides of the ring of the scanner with the x-ray detector. The x-ray source sends rays via the
ain when the x-ray detector helps to pick up the problem. After that, the computer translates it to images. In case of soft tissues of
ain, the physicians use one special type of dye that is contrast dye that helps to visualise those tissues. The instruments that are used in this type of protocol are ultrasonography machine, x-ray, contrast media for the x-ray, echocardiography machine, linear accelerator, positron emission tomography and lead shielding (Krumholz et al., 2015). All of these instruments play beneficial roles in case of neurologic imaging procedure.
Requirement of the...

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