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Write a functional C program that meets the following: This program should use at least one of each the following: for loop(s) while loop(s) do while(s) if else construct(s) switch statement(s)...

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Write a functional C program that meets the following:

  1. This program should useat least one of eachthe following:
    1. for loop(s)
    2. while loop(s)
    3. do while(s)
    4. if else construct(s)
    5. switch statement(s)
    6. user-defined function that only receives (argument/parameter), but does not return
    7. user-defined function that returns (but does not receive any argument/parameter)
    8. user-defined function that both, receives (argument(s)/parameter(s)) and returns
    9. character user-input(s)
    10. modulus operator
  2. Provides a menu of options. Submenus are appropriate, these may make it more user-friendly.
  3. Uses a user-defined function for each of the main operations, additional functions may be added if necessary.
  4. Calculates simple calculations (and a bit more), see details below:
    1. addition,
      1. is the result a prime number?
    2. subtraction,
      1. is the result an odd or even number?
    3. multiplication:
      1. is the result palindrome number?
      2. is the result an Armstrong number?
        1. For this check, we need the result to be at least 3 digits.
    4. division,
      1. does not divide by zero,
        1. provides an error message and
        2. an option to re-enter values.
      2. provides two accurate results,
        1. 2 decimal values
        2. quotient and remainder.
  5. Allows users to repeat the program if desired.
  6. Has data validation code for all user entries.
    1. Provides users with an option to reenter the value.
  7. Do NOT useglobal variables, GOTO statements, arrays, additional libraries, or material beyond that covered in class.


1. Clean, commented code with best practices (use of white space, variable creation, user output, organization, etc) learned in class used.

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