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Write a business report based on the following: A group of private education institutions around the world has come together to form World University. It is a fully online university where lecturers...

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Write a business report based on the following:
A group of private education institutions around the world has come together to form World University. It is a fully online university where lecturers teach online from any of its campuses to others around the world. Many different courses are offered. Students can sign on any time to study. All interactions with staff are online. Students can even choose which country they graduate from. A student who has studied his entire degree from Australia may choose to graduate from World University USA, as an example.
Senior management has finalised on the following decisions:
1. A customer loyalty scheme called StudyTogether Loyalty will reward students who introduce another student with fee credit depending on which course is picked. The university also uses agents to sell its offerings to employers. Applications are approved in less than 5 minutes. Payment for non-refundable fees are by credit card or Paypal.
2. E-book and laptop purchases are part of the course and will be available online. Students cannot opt out of purchases. A pre-configured laptop loaded with required software will be sent out to all students.
3. (intentionally left blank)
4. (intentionally left blank)
[Points 3 and 4 will be given to you by your lecturer 7 days before date due. This is to allow everyone to work in this timeframe and to prevent unauthorised assistance with your work.]
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Akansha answered on May 11 2020
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The project is discuss the two business process and its solution which will be utilize to reinforce the World University customer loyalty scheme that is laptop and e-book purchase model and Study Together loyalty. The discussion will be done on the various processes of management and its entanglement in planning of information technology and information system to identify the coming management problems in the university. This project exemplifies how social media has played a significant role in stimulating the E-book and laptop purchase model in the University by using appropriate examples and illustrations. Conclusion is added in the end to finding of the
An assembling of private education institutions globally has joined their hands together to frame a World University or the world’s largest universities. The framework and structure of the university are completely online where the professors will have a platform to teach the students from their campuses across different countries. The university is offered different course structure and material for the students. The student will be able to open an account on the university website and generate a password by which they can sign in their account when needed. Lectures will be conducted online by the professors around the world. Students will also have a chance to choose the country they belong and from they want to acquire university certificate from the World University. The rewards and loyalty program will be conducted by the online university cell which does not provide awards and regards to the student as it is the multifunctional feature for the student belongs to different countries. Along with the multi-faceted feature, it helps the management of the world university to promote itself globally. The mobile application will guide the students about facilities and amenities provided by the university. The prices and loyalty aspect of the app will acquiesce student to share their ideas, thoughts and feedback with students worldwide. It benefits the student to do what they want which can be considered as an undisclosed marketing tool to go with the student behaviour for the ease. Along with this, the university can provide new services and experience through the reward store. During the introduction of new product, the university can
ing this to reward the student in the reward store. World University can offer students various event tickets for the athletic competition in the prizes and reward store. This can be considered as a realistic way to promote itself around the world whether they are launching any new product in the reward store or not. For example; World University can provide rewards or offers to the student capability to shot their recent campus meetings with friend s and post it on various social platforms. These little actions can influence the people around the world to join the university, or it can be considered as a marketing tool. If the students tagged the world university in their photographs on a social platform can
ing huge traffic into the university which can be converted in the valuable customer. Along with this, it will also promote the university structure across various countries. In the end, the centre of attraction of the university is a customer. So, it is very crucial to provide better educational tools and better facilities that can help to attain maximum success. With exceptional education structure, marketing can be very responsive. World University can provide virtual space to millions of students to study from the professors around the world.
The management has appropriated several decisions; a scheme will be administered to the students who submit the payments to former students on the terms of fees. The agents procreate the proposals to give the employers which will help to increase growth and development. The application forms have been accepted by the management in few minutes. Payments can be done in two ways, i.e. PayPal or credit card. It is done to dedicate promotion driver that is constructed to persuade the potential or prospective customers showcasing their capability to purchase. It is one of the best strategies to influence the customer to use their service to get awards and rewards. In addition to that University has decided to inaugurate loyalty scheme for their customers as per the decision made by the schoolchildren who have to decide for an extra student who paid fees as per the rules of the mobile application. The payment has to be done online which is a decision made by the E-check ASU. It is a quick and simple technique that can be performed through American saving accounts and checks. For the payment, the student will need their account number and route number of the bank account, which is accessible from the financial institution and the bottom line of...

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