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Write a 4-6 page (approximately XXXXXXXXXXword) argumentative essay using the classical model supported by evidence and research

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Write a 4-6 page (approximately XXXXXXXXXXword) argumentative essay using the classical model supported by evidence and research
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Shreyashi answered on Aug 07 2021
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Title of composition: Feminism: A political or a social movement?
Feminism: A political or a social movement?
Basics of Feminism: Feminism is a movement that began in the mid 1800s. Although the use of the word feminism has grown exponentially over the last 10 years. If we look at the history of the word feminism then “famin” comes from Latin word Femina which means women and -ism is a suffix that turns the word into a ve
which ultimately means a belief or a practice. One of the very popular definitions of feminism is provided by Dr Susan Cu
ie Sivek which states that “Feminism is a movementent that seeks equality for people of any gender. It is founded on the belief that people should be able to pursue any opportunity and demonstrate any characteristic regardless of gender.” Now questions like, “if it is pro-equality then why is it called feminism and not equalism?” Well, the answer to this question is, historically feminism started as a women’s suffrage movement in its beginning and hence it is known as feminism and not equalism or humanism.
Different waves of feminism: Till now there are four different waves of feminism, viz the first wave, the second wave, the third wave and the fourth wave. Let us discuss them in detail.
First wave feminism refers to the first political movement dedicated to achieving political equality for women. It started First-waved continued till 1920. First-wavel victories such as the equal pay act as well as the right to use birth control. The second wave also worked on providiwavemen with the right to hold credit cards.
The third wave feminism started at 1991 there is no definite information on the third wave feminism few people agree on exactly what it is. The beginning motives of the third wave feminism was to fight against workplace sexual abuse and to increase the total number of women in position of power. One of the difference between second and third wave feminism is that second wavers fought to be called women while third wavers prefe
ed to be called girls. Third weavers em
aced the word girl and empowered the word hence the third wave feminism was also mostly focused on social issues rather political.
The fourth wave feminism is the present day feminism. A lot of media coverage describes the fourth wave feminism as a movement dominated by the third wave feminism. The fourth wave feminism does not have a basic definition. It has different meaning for different people. Many people claim that the fourth...

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