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Word count: minimum of 2000 words and a maximum of 3000 words Weighting: 50% of the final grade Instructions : In this assignment, you are required to provide an overview of the literature you found...

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Word count: minimum of 2000 words and a maximum of 3000 words

Weighting: 50% of the final grade

Instructions: In this assignment, you are required to provide an overview of the literature you found in the previous assignment. You need to find at least 5 and a maximum of 8 articles of relevance to your understanding of a CaseWorld case.You need to use APA 6th referencing style in this topic.

This assignment will be written in the 3rdperson using academic language and using an annotated bibliographic format.The length of this assignment is a minimum of 2000 words. However, it is envisaged that to complete this task adequately, you may need up to 3000 words.I am given a case study. we need to do research on the nursing interventions regarding the patient's health conditions. It is linked to the previous assignment that I have submitted. I have attached the file. The articles I chose in the last assignment were not satisfactory, you can have an idea of how to carry out the research process as there are some screenshots in it. it should only contain journals and no websites. please let me know if you have any doubts regarding the instructions of the assignment.

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Swati answered on Jul 16 2021
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Simon jones is a 60 years old man who has been recently diagnosed with the bowel cancer. At the end of Simon’s journey, he is discharged home, with the follow ups for upcoming weeks such as Colorectal OPD appointment which is scheduled for 6 weeks and another appointment to Stomal therapy clinic made for 2 weeks. All medications are discussed by the pharmacist along with a refe
al that is sent to community health nurses who are supposed to visit Simon for 2 and 4 days post discharge so as to check stoma and wound care. Also, STN supplies are obtained from ostomy association. For the annotated bibliography, the articles selected tends to explore details about palliative care in the home setting post operation; in regards to senior citizens, carers, health professionals as well as the ba
iers of aged palliative care. Main focus of research will be towards home-care in all its aspects instead of actual comparison between institutional and the home care. The motive of an annotated bibliography here is focused towards providing up to date knowledge to the health care professionals so as to enable them in order to provide cost effective and efficient care which improves patient as well as tends to provide care to the families. (Curtis, Fry et. Al, 2016, Page-863)
As per the study, nurses engaged in undergraduate research before profession possesses better skills in showing evidence based practice. ( Keib, Cailor et al, 2017, page-43) (Leach, hofmeyer et al, 2015, page-202). Also, the study shows value of this skill and ability to analyse and interpret research in order to have positive impact on clinical care (Keib, cailor et al, 2017, page-43). The nurse will surely gain considerable knowledge with the help of research, research analysis and message deconstruction as well as resulting which can be further applied in everyday practice. (Leach, Hofmeyer et al, 2015, page-198)
Annotated Bibliography-
Article 1
Kinoshita Y, Izukura R, Miyazono M, et al. Effect of age factors on health-related quality of life in patients with lower rectal cancer after sphincter-saving surgery: A 1-year longitudinal study. Arch Gerontol Geriatr. 2018;79:185-191. doi:10.1016/j.archger.2018.09.004
This article is much relevant to the case study being much similar diagnosis and the treatment along with the age criteria as per the case. This article aims to address the effect of age factor that Simon will face having undergone the surgery for bowel cancer. The research targets the 137 patients to conduct study for 1 year who all are aged between 60 to 82 years. As per the study, the impact on patients who fall in lower age group is lower compared to that of senior citizen group specifically for post operative impacts like insomnia, defecation and financial problems. The influence of the surgery was studies on HR-QOL that is health related quality of life post operation. The outcomes of study are that specific symptoms like micturition are seen more in people aged 60 and above whereas the problem of defecation can be seen same in both age groups. Study emphasis on assessment of age related factors during 1st month of post-operative period.
This discussion helped to understand the geriatrics factors associated with the disease ailment and need to ca
y out nursing practices accordingly.
Article 2-
Lithner, M., Klefsgard, R., Johansson, J. et al. The significance of information after discharge for colorectal cancer surgery–a qualitative study. BMC Nurs 14, 36 (2015). https:
This study aims to understand the importance of information that needs to be provided to patient after discharge for colorectal cancer surgery. This is essentially helpful to study and understand the case of Simon Jones as case is in resemblance and the post discharge information and later follow ups are much required to keep a check on developing any symptoms further. The aim of study was to explore experience of patients towards information. This is a qualitative study wherein it is depicted that receiving information was vital to regain control on their life post surgery. The information plays a major role to facilitate transition from hospital to home as well as to manage their...

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