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(word count 1500 – 1800) Remember to consider your situation when discussing the theories; the assessor knows the generic models of the theories, but you need to discuss them for your context. What...

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(word count 1500 – 1800) Remember to consider your situation when discussing the theories; the assessor knows the generic models of the theories, but you need to discuss them for your context. What were the elements in your microsystem? Which needs were most urgent for you at that time? Who was your attachment figure? Your written essay should include at least 7 current (less than 10 years old) scholarly journal articles, in addition to textbook references. Adherence to the course formatting guidelines is essential (e.g. spacing, font, coversheet, word count); these are listed under the Assessment tab on your unit site. APA referencing both in-text and in the Reference List is required – please see resources on the library site for information. Do NOT utilise sourcessuch as and othersuch web materials as theseinnoway constituteacademicreferencesforthepurposeofyourassignments. If you rely on such sourcesfor theoreticalsupport, you will be deemedNOT to have mettherequirementsoftheassessment. Choose one life event from your own experience e.g. welcoming a new sibling, moving into a new house, attending high school, coming to Australia. Using two theories of development, Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory and one other Developmental Theory from the list below • Bowlby-Ainsworth Attachment Theory, • Maslow’s Hierarch of Needs or • Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory, explain the impact of your chosen life event on your development. (A short discussion of the 2 theories before applying them would be beneficial).
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Running Head: DEVELOPMENT THEORIES                        1
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Aligning Bronfen
enner’s Ecological Theory with The Life Event    3
Aligning Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory with The Life Event    4
Implications of the Theories on the Chosen Life Event    5
Conclusion    7
References    9
The development theories play important role in one’s life. It shows the systematic methods depicting various changes a human goes through when he or she grow from babies to adolescents to adult and to old person. There are different development theories projecting different types of changes. For example, theory of Robert Kegan and Eric Erikson described how person’s identity and his or her nature changes with maturity. As mentioned by Romantsev et al. (2016), to simplify, the development theories take development as a process from the simple to the most complex understanding of the one.
The development change process is continuous in nature and sometimes occurs in stages. However, the moment is always moving towards greater complexity and confusion. In this report, I chose “welcome of my sibling” as an event. Life is a journey of the challenges and the lessons and these developmental theories will surely help to cope up and to deal with those challenges effectively. The sibling relationship is already big thing in one’s life. They are positive source of the support to each other and also define the social behavior.
Aligning Bronfen
enner’s Ecological Theory with The Life Event
Psychologist Urie Bronfen
enner gave the famous Bronfen
enner’s Ecological Theory. The theory eventually helps in understanding why my sibling (in this case) or any individual behave different in different environment. For example, individual’s behavior would be different in school, work and at home. The entire ecological theory divided into five parts describing about the different life span of the individual and its impact on his life. As indicated by Christensen (2016), the first system is the micro system, which constitutes people such as friends, family, classmates, teachers and people having direct contact with me like my sibling.
According to this theory, individuals are not mere recipients of the experience when we interact with this social group. Second system is the mesosystem; this involves the relationship of the microsystem in my life. For example, the family experience related to the school experience. My sibling feelings of awkwardness in presence of his or her friend or parent’s neglecting attitude that may result in the development of negative attitude in sibling are some examples of the mesosystem. The third system is exosystem; it is relationship where there is a link the person does not pursue any active role or where there is no active participation.
For example, a sibling is normally attached to his or her father and mother both. Parents individually shares important aspect in sibling’s life. Maybe father gives protection to the sibling and mother gives the care part. In that case, if father went to some place for work, there may be two possibilities that could happen between the relationship of sibling and mother relation. Absence of father may create conflicts among between mother and the sibling and may even
ing them closer to each other. Velez-Agosto, Soto-Crespo, Vizca
ondo-Oppenheimer, Vega-Molina and Garcia Coll (2017) have described fourth is the macro system; it constitutes the relation of me with my culture.
For example, the socio economic condition, the ethnicity, values, culture, family and race. These influence the development degree of the sibling, like if a person...

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