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WK1: SEC 10-K Project: Request a Corporation to Study Overview 1. Read the guidelines below and click the title above to respond to the discussion board. 2. Select a publicly traded U.S. corporation...

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WK1: SEC 10-K Project: Request a Corporation to Study


1. Read the guidelines below and click the title above to respond to the discussion board.

2. Select a publicly traded U.S. corporation you would like to study this semester and ask the professor for permission by posting a response here.

3. You may search for the name of your company and Investor Relations and look for SEC Filings.

Your corporation must meet the following criteria:

· It must be ranked number 500 or higher on the Fortune 500 list for the current year.

· It must have an SEC 10-K report for the current or most recent prior year.

· It must have an Accounts Receivable and Inventory Account.

· It is recommended you select a manufacturing company.

Your corporation may NOT:

· Be the same corporation you used for SEC projects in other courses.

· Be the same corporation a classmate selected.

· Be a bank or any other type of financial institution.

· Be a service company.

Discussion Requirements

1. Write the name of the corporation, the stock market where it is traded, and its ticker symbol in the Subject line when you respond to this posting and all other postings related to this project.

For example:

· Under Armour: NYSE: UA


· ExxonMobil; NYSE: XOM

2. State why you want to study and prepare a financial analysis of your corporation.

3. Provide a direct link to your corporation's SEC 10-K report for the most recent year. A direct link is a hyperlink that takes you directly to a website where the SEC 10-K report is located. For example, this is the direct link to the 2019 SEC 10-K report for Apple, Inc.

The most direct route to finding the direct link is to use theSEC EDGAR Systemand search by Company name.

An alternative research method to locate the most current SEC 10-K for your company is to search for the name of your company and the words investor relations. You will need to make selections and click links such as SEC filings and may be required to use the drop-down SEC filings menu to select annual as the report type.

4. State your corporation's position on the Fortune 500 List for the current year. Your chosen company must be ranked number 500 or higher.

5. Provide page numbers for all four required financial statements:

· Income Statement (it could be listed as the Consolidated Statements of Income.)

· Balance Sheet (it could be listed as the Consolidated Balance Sheet or Statement of Financial Position.)

· Statement of Stockholders Equity (it could be listed as the Consolidated Statements of Stockholder's Equity or Consolidated Statements of Stockholder's Deficit.)

· Statement of Cash Flows


· ACCT Discussion Postings

Bottom of Form

Top of Form

· Companies Not Acceptable for this Project

Here is a list of some of the companies that are not acceptable for this project. I am sure there are more but this is just a few that cannot be used. I will be approving/disapproving as you post your company choices. I will be giving grading feedback on the page numbers so you can see if you are on the right track or not with them as it is important to find the correct page numbers that go with this week's lessons in the reading material. If you have any questions about grading feedback, please email or message me privately. To find pages quickly in the financial statements, it is best to use the "find" feature in Google Chrome. You can search for any word you like - for example: Balance Sheet is a good search word. Most financial statements have a table of contents. If Balance Sheet is not found - try Financial Position as that is another name for the Balance Sheet. Or try Income Statement or Statement of Earnings or Statements of Earnings - as those are different names for the Income Statement. Please know that the Income Statement is NOT called theCONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF COMPREHENSIVE INCOME - this is a different statement as you will learn. Income Statements have Revenues minus Expenses listed on them - the CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF COMPREHENSIVE INCOME does not list Revenues minus Expenses.

Companies Not Acceptable



Altria Group

American Airlines



Bed Bath & Beyond

Berkshire Hathaway

Booz Allen Hamilton

Caterpillar Inc. NYSE: CAT

Delta Air Lines

Devon Energy Corporation

Discovery Inc

Dollar Tree

Domino's Pizza


Exxon Mobile OXM



Foot Locker

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc



JP Morgan Chase



Marriott International



NextEra Energy; NYSE: NEE



PNC Financial Services



Southwest Airlines




United Health Group

United Continental Holdings; NYSE: UAL


Walt Disney

Walgreens Boots Alliance

Whole Foods Market


Yum Brands








· Income Statement Clarification

Comprehensive Income is not the same as the Income Statement. The two statements show different line items and categories. The Income Statement shows Revenues minus Expenses Equals Net Income. If you look at the Comprehensive Income Statement you will notice it does not show these items.

Please note before you do the project, choose a publicly traded US corporation first; that I will study this semester and I will ask my professor for permission and then you can do the project, as required in Overview #2

Bottom of Form

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Harshit answered on Aug 18 2021
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1. The company I have selected for financial statement analysis is NIKE. It is listed in New York Stock Exchange which is an American Stock Exchange. The ticker symbol of the NIKE is NKE in the stock exchange. The summary is shown as below:
NIKE: NYSE: NKE (https:
The symbol of the chosen company NIKE is:
2. Nike is an American International Company that designs, manufactures, develops, and market worldwide the various kinds of products like the footwears, apparel, equipment, accessories and different services. The headquarters of the company is situated near Beaverton, Oregon in the Portland Metropolitan Area and was incorporated in the year 1967. The company is well known for its large-scale supply of athletic shoes and apparels. The digital website of the NIKE is .com and all the filings like the annual reports, quarterly reports, etc. furnished are posted on the corporate website NIKE has various
and names under it like the Nike Pro, Nike Golf and has subsidiaries like the Converse and Hurley International.
I want to study and prepare the financial analysis of NIKE as it is one of the largest suppliers of athletic apparels and footwears. It has large revenues and profits along with a strong balance sheet. The performance of the company is increasing year after another. The company is a very well-known
and through-out the world. The company is a growth...

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