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What is an appropriate Ethical Theory for IT Professionals

How might one manage the ethical practices and its accountabilities when IT projects are outsourced to multiple parties?

How would you handle this Ethical dilema (see a case below)?

You have just joined a new company who values your knowledge and past experiences. In fact they hired you largely because you were involved in some ground breaking IT projects in the past, and have very good knowledge of their key competitors' strategies.

How would you distinguish what you could share and what you should not share from your previous roles without breaking the confidentiality of your previous organisations' project 'secrets'?

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Sundeep answered on Apr 12 2020
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An IT professional is well aware of the code of conduct and the work ethics that he/she has to follow in an organization. Each organization has a particular set of rules and regulations which are to be followed by every employee. These code of conduct helps maintain the standards of the organization and its competency
When an IT project is outsourced to third parties there are a code of ethics and a code of confidentiality, if
oken a legal case is filed against the third party. The third party and the company are bounded by a legal contract which specifies the rules and regulations and the terms of contract which no employee of the third party can
each and if any employee
eaches the contract, the firm and the employee are both accountable for the loss of data/money/any other losses.
Data sharing is strictly prohibited in firms. Even if a firms asks you to share the data on the past experiences, it is not advisable to leak the data. The name of the client is confidential and the employees are trusted to not to
each confidence and the internal agency data to competitors. If I have been employed by the new...

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