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Week 7-9: Writing your argumentative essay Using the same process you did for the first body paragraph, complete your essay below. (900 words: +/- 10% ) The NHS should be privatised. Discuss

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Week 7-9: Writing your argumentative essay

Using the same process you did for the first body paragraph, complete your essay below.

(900 words: +/- 10%)

The NHS should be privatised. Discuss

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Soumi answered on Mar 06 2020
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    Week 7-9: Writing your argumentative essay
Using the same process, you did for the first body paragraph, complete your essay below.
(900 words: +/- 10%)
    The NHS should be privatised. Discuss
Healthcare services in England are provided by a number of organisations that are operated and funded by their national government or publicly. The National Health Service (NHS) is one such organisation that has always aimed at providing quality healthcare services to all the legal residents of the country, at low or no costs. However, in accordance with the functionality of the US healthcare delivery system, an argument has been raised if NHS too should consider privatising like it. This essay presents an argument of this proposal, by discussing its positive and negative aspects, in order to draw a further conclusion.
Should the NHS be privatised?
The NHS provides clinical, medical, health and social care facilities in the UK for every individual identified as a legal resident of the country. Its key aim has always been supportive of the overall health and well-being of the people of the nation, i
espective of their demographical, cultural or economic categorisation (NHS, 2018). It has been possible so far since its establishment in the year 1948, due to the fact that the English government has been supporting it through its funding, which has been possible through their national taxation system. As stated by Frith (2015), the taxes collected from the public has been supportive for the smooth functioning of this organisation, which is why so far, it has remained a successful publicly-funded healthcare service provider. However, when compared to the service delivery system of US, which is run mostly through private funding, it was opined that the NHS could also privatise its services.
As viewed by Krachler and Greer (2015), the strategy of privatisation for healthcare service providers such as the NHS can be a beneficial step for them because it can help the organisation gain more amount of funding from the private sponsors. Private firms, sponsoring organisations and people belonging to high-income group can donate substantial amount of money to the NHS, viewing it as a lucrative option to not only gain a market share percentage in this service sector but also be associated to a noble social cause. They find it profitable to invest into such a venture that not only generates good amount of revenue due to a large number of individuals seeking services from it, but also strengthens their social reputation (Henshall et al. 2017).
Besides, another benefit of privatising the NHS is that due to the possible increased funding, the quality of medical and healthcare services could be...

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