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Week 1 Financial Markets Research Paper Topic</o:p> What is a specific issue and who/what group is currently negatively affected by that issue? As a follow-on that will be addressed through your...

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Week 1 Financial Markets Research Paper Topic

What is a specific issue and who/what group is currently negatively affected by that issue? As a follow-on that will be addressed through your research, who/or what group do you plan to solve that problem for?

Outsourcing effects on American Workers.

A pervasive feature facing the U.S economy is Outsourcing jobs overseas. Outsourcing in the services sector is a major shift in how the economy operates and will have serious impacts, both positive and negative, on the trajectory of economic growth, distribution of income and the workforce. The negative effect of outsourcing is the increase in the US. Unemployment. The American workers are affected the most. Due to outsourcing one-quarter of American workers are working low wage jobs and are living in poverty. My paper will address the negative and positive effect of outsourcing on American workers and what steps to be taken to reduce the negative effect of the issue.

Lecturers Comments –

This is a good start with an issue. That issue is that the current unemployment rate is the lowest in the past 50 years, since XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXThis does not mean that the people have good jobs, just that they have a job.

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Rimsha answered on Dec 06 2021
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Positive and Negative Impact of Outsourcing    3
Outsourcing and its Impact on American Economy    4
Conclusion    5
References    6
    In past few years, outsourcing has become very common and famous among the business organization. Most of the multinational organizations are using the outsourcing method for the conduction of their business. As suggested by Globerman and Vining (2017), outsourcing can be defined as the practice of obtaining goods and services from the foreign country. Nowadays, most of the developed country conduct outsourcing, so that they can obtain their goods and services from the developing countries. Outsourcing have both negative and positive impact on the business. It helps in the completion of work at cheaper rate. On the other hand, it also makes the organization vulnerable.
Positive and Negative Impact of Outsourcing
    Outsourcing helps the organization in focusing on their main product instead of utilizing time in completion and management of other tasks necessary to produce the product. As stated by White and James (2017), outsourcing increases the production of the core products of the organization, thus, increases the profit margin. When organizations take the business to the foreign country, they are given various opportunities and support from the local government as they are
inging business to their country. As stated by Larcker, McCall and Ormazabal (2015), outsourcing reduces the operating cost of the organization; it provides skilled laborers and employees at the cheap rates.
It is helpful in gaining access to the IT resources, which are unavailable internally. On the contrary, it provides the organization to work on other...

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