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Use the link above to submit your assignment The details of the assignment are available from thislink. Due Date: Monday March 12th , before midnight. The goal of this assignment is to provide...

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Use the link above to submit your assignment

The details of the assignment are available from thislink.

Due Date:Monday March 12th, before midnight.

The goal of this assignment is to provide students with hands-on experience critiquing website designs to enhance usability

In this assignment, you will be given an opportunity to critique the usability of a real-world commercial website. Specifically, you are asked to critique the Nike, Inc. website, which can be located at:

Your deliverable must be submitted using the "Add Submission" in either Word or PDF format.

Your deliverable should consist of two parts as follows:

 Overview
 Critique

Answered Same Day Mar 11, 2020


Arun answered on Mar 12 2020
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Nike Website Usability Analysis
The report aims to analyse the Nike website usability. It describes the concept of usability that refers the website ease of use. The report also mentions the each factor of usability and offers recommendations for the website usability improvement.
The concept of usability refers to ease of use of a website. The content of the website has interoperability feature and it works on various platforms and on various devices. The first key component is the availability of website and its accessibility. The components considered in accessibility and availability are servicer uptime,
oken links, and mobile responsiveness, clarity of the website, that includes simplicity, familiarity, consistency and guidance, direct feedback and good information infrastructure, learn ability and relevance.
The Nike website reveals these factors. The tool side of site shows the categories of men, women, boys and girls as well as a link to customize. It has a logo visible on home page and a slogan. All the above tabs have various subcategories such as in men section categories of shoes, clothing’s, shop by sport, shop by
and, all sale clothing make users to choose the products according to their preferences. It also shows inside new releases, air force 1, Slip-ons and sale. In the customize section options such as all customise, lifestyle, running, baby and toddler, Nike classics iD, and Nike flyknit iD are offered. There is a search box to search the products. On the home page, tabs such as find a store, signup for e-mail, become a member, site feedback, careers, investors, get help, news, payment options, returns, delivery and order status are offered. The customized section and other sections also familiarises with the new products and their features.
The visiting of website is an average experience. In the customized section, the navigation is clumsy. Start with a material or a colour; the pages of the site are opening with a slow speed. The NikeID is itself a cumbersome process where...

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