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Discrimination in Modern Society from the Perspective of Social Psychology
Discrimination is the biased behaviour against some people or specific groups that has evolved in the form of prejudices and stereotypes over the time. The concept of discrimination has gone far from being the individual engaging in the biased treatment to the cultural processes and institutional policies that result in disparities for many groups. Discriminations have been seen from the perspective of social psychology and it has been found that it is associated with the cognitive component. Therefore, this essay will discuss the discriminations related to social psychology in the modern world and how people’s behaviour is affected by cognitive process.
Discrimination from the Perspective of Social Psychology
Discrimination can be considered as the phenomenon of treating some people or groups differently on the basis of their race, class, gender, religion, sexuality and age. The discriminatory behaviour can take various forms, such as social avoidance, prejudices, stereotyping and acts of violence, hate crimes etc. The social psychologists have provided the several kinds of discriminations, which can be divided as the old-fashioned discrimination, or the modern forms of discriminations. The social psychology has focused on the various biases against the social groups. These biases are sorted by the social psychologists in the form of emotional prejudices, behavioural discrimination and mental stereotypes.
Most of the discriminations prejudices and stereotypes are specifically associated with ‘race’. According to Richeson & Sommers (2016), “most people think of race as a way of categorizing individuals into relatively distinct, stable, and homogenous groupings, defined largely by skin color” (p. 441). This means that skin color is often used as the metaphor for differentiating the racial categories. However, historically the racial differences were based on the biological differences, such as the light skinned people such as Europeans were considered to be the dark skinned people (Africans, Asians, Or Indigenous people) (Smedley, 2007). Despite, of the historical efforts to discriminations on the basis of the biological difference, the modern researches mainly identifies, discrimination as a social...

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