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Unit Name/Code ISY2004 Information Systems Project Management Assessment Type Report Assessment Number One Assessment Name Project Plan Part 1 Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed LO2, LO4 and...

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Unit Name/Code

ISY2004 Information Systems Project Management

Assessment Type


Assessment Number


Assessment Name

Project Plan Part 1

Unit Learning

Outcomes Assessed

LO2, LO4 and LO6

Due Date and Time

Week 5, Friday, 06/04/18, 17:00 AEST



Assessment Description

Read the Case Study in Appendix 1.

Now you need to develop the Initial Project Plan which should include the following:

• Project charter, including a detailed Scope Statement

• Stakeholder Register

• Stakeholder Management Strategy

(In Assignment 2, you will continue to develop the full Project Plan.)

Referencing and Plagiarism

It is essential to use IN TEXT referencing. If you are using the exact words from a reference then you must use quotation marks.

You can use Chicago Style referencing with numbers, with a listing at the end of the essay. Microsoft Word has an EndNote plugin that makes this style very easy and clear to follow.

Alternatively, you can use the more traditional Harvard style, which is more verbose. .

Remember that this is a Turnitin assignment and plagiarism will be subject to severe penalties. Please refer to the AIH Academic Misconduct Policy:


Detailed Submission Requirements

Before submission, you ensure the submitted work satisfies the following requirements:

 The assignment is to be written in a report format. It must

have separate sections for each of the THREE tasks

Submit as a PDF file through the Turnitin assignment submission tool on Moodle.

Include a cover sheet that has your name, subject, date, report title and WORD COUNT

The assignment should not exceed 8 pages and 1,500 words.

Marking Criteria











40 - 50

1. Project




Roles and



Inappropriate choice of exhibits / Too short or exceeded.

Good choice of exhibits.


Concise and relevant

Well presented and written. Logical and precise.

Well documented

Excellent choice of exhibits and presentation.






2. Stakeholder


Incorrect format and incomplete.

Correct format and most stakeholders in the case study.

Very good format

and all stakeholders included.


presentation and all details are correct.



12 - 18



3. Stakeholder



Incomplete and illogical.

Reasonable strategy to handle most stakeholders.

All stakeholders considered and a good strategy presented

Excellent and insightful analysis



Scaled to 15 marks

Appendix 1

Case study – Intelligent Information Inc

You work for Intelligent Information Inc, an international firm with more than 100,000 employees in several countries. A strategic goal is to use Big Data more effectively. The firm is considering the purchase of a Big Data Analytics Package. The will consist of a program of individual strategic projects. George Smith is the VP of Operations. Sam Johnson is the VP of Marketing. Vinh Tran is the Risk Manager. The CFO, Jack Smith is the project sponsor and chairman of the Project Steering Committee. Susan Wong is the CIO, a member of the Steering Committee, you’re your immediate superior. You have been hired as an IS project manager to recommend a platform that will meet the needs of the various stakeholders. Your first task is to understand the needs of Marketing in terms of identifying potential customers and improving the service delivery to existing customers to increase loyalty and reduce churn. Operations is interested in IoT sensors and using predictive and prescriptive maintenance. Risk is interested in fraud detection and prevention.

You have been briefed that your tasks include the following:

• Hire a consultant to assist with identifying suitable analytic packages.

• Recruit the project team of internal and external staff.

• Identify appropriate sources of internal and external data to meet the business objectives.

• Trial a short list of platforms with key use keys from each business area, being Marketing, Operations and Risk.

• Gain agreement with major stakeholders on the preferred platform.

• Negotiate with the vendor, with the assistance of the Purchasing Department and procure the licenses and external data sources.

• Gain access to relevant internal data sources through the IT Department’s systems maintenance group.

• Implement a series of analytical solutions, at least one from each business area, and measure the ROI and degree of business client satisfaction.

• Train business users and IT maintenance staff.

• Transition the system from special projects to production.

• Identify further projects necessary to continue the program of Big Data Analytics.

The budget for the project is $1,500,000, and the goals are to gain project approval, determine the best solution, implement, monitor performance and ensure benefits realisation.

Susan decided to have ten people working full-time on this six-month project and to call on people in other areas, such as Marketing, Sales and Risk as needed. She wanted to be personally involved in selecting the project manager and to have that person help him select the rest of the project team. Susan wanted to find people already working inside the company, but she was also open to reviewing applications for potential new employees to work specifically on his project as long as they could start quickly. Because many good people were located in different parts of the world, Susan thought it made sense to select the best people he could find and allow them to work virtually on the project. The project manager will act as the liaison between internal and external stakeholders.

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Running Header: Project Plan Part 1                            1
Project Plan Part 1        10
Project Plan Part 1
Project Plan Part 1
Project Charte
Project Overview
This project concerns the company, Intelligent Information Inc. and the strategic goal concerning this company lies in employing Big Data in much more effective manner. This firm in alignment to the strategic objectives is contemplating the procurement of the Big Data Analytics Pack. The same shall comprise of the program having individual set of strategic projects. In terms of the overall goals of the project, the same shall be in gaining suitable project approval, determining the optimal solution, implementation, monitor performances as well as making sure the benefits realisation.
Business Case
Data analytics offers significant capabilities to collect, analyse and infer data for enhancing company position internal and externally and gain critical insights for informed decision making. All of these outcomes shall have strategic implications with significant business / financial performance outcome. The business return in terms of ROI shall be expected to be ~30 per cent for this project.
Scope Statement & Project Scope
The scope statement of this project is to understand needs, identity suitable Data Analytics, design overall system, procure the package, implementation, training and determine future projects concerning [i] Marketing needs of determining potential customers as well as enhancing service delivery towards prevailing customers for increasing loyalty as well as reducing churn, [ii] Operations requirement concerning IoT sensors as well as employing predictive / prescriptive form of maintenance, and, [iii] Risk requirements concerning fraud detection as well as prevention.
The overall scope of the project includes the following –
· Hiring of the consultant in assisting with the identification of the appropriate form of analytic packages
· Recruitment of project team comprising the internal as well as external staff
· Identification of suitable sources comprising internal as well as external data for meeting the objectives of the business
· Undertaking the trial of shorter list comprising platforms by way of key use factors concerning each of the business functions inclusive of risk, operations and marketing.
· Gaining agreement amongst major set of stakeholders with respect to prefe
ed form of platform
· Negotiating with the vendors, by way of suitable assistance from the internal Purchasing Department as well as the procurement of suitable licenses as well as external data sources
· Gaining access towards the relevant set of sources concerning internal data by way of system maintenance group in the IT Department
· Implementation of the range of analytical form of solutions, at the least one amongst each of the business area, as well as measuring ROI as well as extent of the client satisfaction
· Training the business users as well as the staff of IT maintenance
· Transitioning the system with respect to special projects for production
· Identifying further projects essential for continuing the program concerning Big Data Analytics
Project Approach
The project approach employed in this context shall be centralized and top down form of structure wherein the decision making shall be centralized with project manager. In this approach to project,...

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