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Unit 7 Final Assignment: Project Outline Topic Transitioning Home Healthcare Instructions: Please create a detailed project outline. At minimum, your outline should include the following elements:...

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Unit 7 Final Assignment: Project Outline

TopicTransitioning Home Healthcare


Please create a detailed project outline. At minimum, your outline should include the following elements:

  • Introduction
    • Background
    • Current issues
    • Literature review
      • Topic Selection
    • Rationale
    • Process description
    • Health care sector involved
    • Disciplines involved
    • Real/Hypothetical process
      • Quality Application Tools (PDCA)
    • Process to be improved
    • Team that knows the process
    • Current knowledge of the process
    • Causes of special variation
    • Selected process improvement
      • Analysis
    • Data collected
    • Interpretation
      • Conclusion
    • Application


  • Your outline must be in a Word document and be double spaced.
  • Refer to Academic Tools for APA and other writing resources.

Course outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment:

HS460-4:Evaluate health information projects.

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Sunabh answered on Jun 07 2021
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Literature Review    3
Background    3
ent Issues    3
Topic selection and Rationale    4
Hypothetical Process    4
Selected Process Improvement    5
Interpretation    5
References    6
    Healthcare and services have long been provided to the patients at clinics or hospitals because all the required sources are available under one roof. However, transition of healthcare to home has been facilitated by the improvements in technology as well as other advancements. This project would tend to identify the cu
ent issues in transitioning home healthcare and efforts would be made to present some recommendations.
Literature Review
Home care or transitioning of healthcare includes professional services or support, which allows the patient or the individual to live safely in their home. Home care services provide assistance to individuals or patients to live independently, help them to manage chronic     health issues, recover from mental setback, or to provide support to the individual with disability or special needs. It would be essential to consider that healthcare professionals such as nurses, therapists, aides, midwifes and other professionals are allowed to provide home care to patients (Foust, Vuckovic & Henriquez, 2012).
ent Issues
    The concept of transitional healthcare might be considered as a very affordable and easy to imply; however, there are certain areas, which require improvement. Despite of the support provided by the advancements in technology and medical science certain basic issues such as, medication management and communication with outpatient management (Baig, GholamHosseini & Connolly, 2015). Electronic Health Records (EHR) might have proven as a revolutionary technology for the healthcare professionals; however, it does not solve...

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