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Using a case study orbased ona case you observed during yourvisit to the Children Court prepare a case for theCourtusing the Children Court Report –Care and Protection Application form provided....

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Using a case study orbased ona case you observed during yourvisit to the Children Court prepare a case for theCourtusing the Children Court Report –Care and Protection Application form provided. Then,write 1,500 wordsreportas a DHHS Child Protection Practitioner describing the case (in appendix) and how you will incorporate the following in line with Court preparationchecklist.CP Legislation(mention all the legislationsthat you may have to base the report on and explain why)CP Principles(mention relevant principles that apply to this case)CP Practice framework and guidelines(what is the practice frameworkyou will base your report on and what guidelines you will follow and why)CP Major models of support (choose all the appropriate models of support that are relevant for this case and explorepotential outcomesand barriers for each model you have chosen)Consider and mention where, when, from whoand how you may collect Consent, approval, authority, permission, agreement forms
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Executive Summary
Child protection and management of the quality of care provided to children is one of the major objectives of provided childcare guidelines in various Australian states. In the following given case study of Charlie, he clearly suffers from physical abuse and neglect at home. Charlie has seen a consistent behavior of avoiding his needs, even the basic ones like clothing, food and hygiene. He has also gone through abusive home environment caused by his mother’s schizophrenia. His symptoms of physical abuse make it a care of violation of child protection rights given under sections 1.4.2 of Child Protection and Welfare Practice Handbook, the definition of the child abuse especially the physical abuse. In the following care report, an examination is done of Charlie’s case in the light of the available guidelines that ensure every child remaining either in family or at support centers that are made to protect children from having any state of abuse whether it is emotional, physical or in the form of neglect. The report also examines possible interventions for the future for Charlie because presently, his mother has recovered from her mental disorder and lives Charlie along with her mother and new partner, James.
Children protection and welfare constitutes significantly the youth of the nation; it is implied that by sustaining the children welfare rights and by protecting them at homes from various kinds of abuses, the national frameworks made accordingly can direct the country on a path of progress. The cases of child abuse have risen over the past two decades rapidly and there are several causes that have affected the process of securing children at home or at school facilities. The core value of protecting a child from any kind of abuse lies in positive thinking and implementation of specific guidelines that are published and regulated by the various state governments. It is noteworthy here that there are eight different guidelines in Australian states that are designed to help government and non-government agencies in order to alleviate the social and mental status of suffering children.
Child Protection and Welfare Guidelines and Legislation
The protection of the fundamental rights of children to avail basic facilities of living is implied in the definitions of how generally; the states of abuses are understood. For example, in the Child Protection and Welfare Practice Handbook, the four categories of child abuse are defined under sections like 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 etc. section 1.4.1 defines the emotional abuse as “normally to be found in the relationship between a parent/career and a child rather than in a specific event or pattern of events. It occurs when a child’s developmental need for affection, approval, consistency and security are not met. Unless other forms of abuse are present, it is rarely manifested in terms of...

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