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To complete your assessment task, follow the below instructions. Download the Documentation of Planning Cycle Template linked above andmake sure you are familiar with the...

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To complete your assessment task, follow the below instructions.

    1. Download the Documentation of Planning Cycle Template linked above andmake sure you are familiar with the format.

    2. You will be using the videos provided below to observe children and complete your observations.

    3. Chooseone (1) video from the list andwriteone (1) observationusing the Documentation of Planning Cycle Template Part 1.

      1. Follow the prompts in the document and make sure to identify the children's learning observed in the video and

      2. Analyse the observation and link it to theEYLF/VEYLF Learning Outcomesopens in new window


    4. Next, plan, implement and evaluate one (1) experience in response to the observations taken using the Documentation of Planning Cycle template part 2.

    5. In session 9, you will implement your planned experience for your peers. You will pretend you are the teacher, and the students will be children in an early learning setting.Note:
      If the planned learning experience is implemented outside of the classroom, evidence should be provided.

    6. Submit: Your completed Documentation of Planning Cycle template (Parts 1 and 2) -Maximum two pages, Calibri, size 12.

    7. In sessions 10 & 11, you will present your planning cycle to the class. You will discuss your entire planning cycle, using reflective practice to evaluate how it went. Your presentation should be no longer than5 minutesand you can choose to use presentation slides and/or other visual aids in your presentation. Remember not to read the information from the document, but to talk through it highlighting the key points of each stage in the planning cycle.

Videos of children in childcarecentresand kindergartens

Making Music(2:45) in new window

Toddler observation (2:28) in new window

Ice play: Pre-school and guidance (3:54) in new window

Rie Babies (3:58) in new window

Putting on Jackets (2:34) in new window

Discussing Butterflies (2:11) in new window

Pre-school observation: Classroom fine motor, other activities in the background (4:33) in new window


The following levels of criteria will be used to grade this assessment task:

  • Criterion 1: Observation

  • Criterion 2: Analysis

  • Criterion 3: Planning

  • Criterion 4: Implementation

  • Criterion 5: Presentation

please use this given template and please meet all the requirements and do not use AI

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Documentation of Planning Cycle
Documentation of Planning Cycle
Name of Experience: Focused Observations Chapter 2 Video 3
Number of Children Observed: 8
Children’s Ages: Toddlers - <4 years
Date of Implementation: March 27, 2013
Part 1: Information collection: Sand play where 8 students are being monitored by 2 teachers. One is ensuring the safety and other is encouraging for...

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