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Title: Presentation Value:10% Due Date:28/04/24 (23:59 Darwin time) Time:5 minutes +/- 10% (30 seconds) InstructionsYou are a community mental health nurse. In this assessment you must watch the video...

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Due Date:28/04/24 (23:59 Darwin time)

Time:5 minutes +/- 10% (30 seconds)


You are a community mental health nurse. In this assessment you must watch the video below of the following client:

Mr John Baxton. DOB: 23/01/1967 MRN: 222222

Your assessment task is to create a video where you give an ISBAR handover to a multidisciplinary team (a team of healthcare clinicians including doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists etc). The items you must include in the ISBAR are below:

I- Identify the client.

S- Explain the situation

B- Give some background

A- 2 parts:

  • Discuss your MSE assessment findings (spend more times on the parts that are more significant)and;

  • identify the stage of the cycle of change the client is in, and why you think this.

R- Make a recommendation of what the nurses should do next. This must not be a biomedical intervention.

You only have 5 minutes. Please spend most of your time on the assessment ('A') and recommendation ('R') part of your ISBAR.

Submit an audiovisual recording of your handover. You have two options for submission. Either:

  • Use the VoiceThread submission point to upload slides and record your voice using voicethread or;

  • Use the Powerpoint submission point to submit powerpoint slides with your voice embedded.

  • DO NOT UPLOAD TWICE (i.e one in voicethread, one in the other submission point)A length that is more or less than 10% (i.e. 30 seconds) of the maximum will lead to a reduction of 10% of the total mark available for the assessment.

PLEASE TYPE A VOICE OVER I WILL ADD THIS IN WITH MY OWN VOICE ONCE YOU HAVE SUBMITTED TO ME . PLEASE FOLLOW THE ISBAR AND DO A HANDOVER AS A MENTAL HEALTH NURSE. The video must go for 5minutes use appropriate slides for the presentation read the assessment 4 file on how to do the assessment. Thank you

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Dr Shweta answered on Apr 26 2024
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Identification of the client
Identification of the client
Mr. Baxter, the client, sought the assistance of Dr. Anita due to his wife's concern that he is consuming excessive amounts of alcohol.
Due to his alcohol dependence, Mr. Baxter, a bank manager, sought treatment from Dr. Anita, a psychiatrist, after his GP refe
ed him. His wife suggested he was drinking too much.
He used to stop drinking, but over the course of approximately three days, he encountered various physical problems, including shaking, sweating, being constantly on edge, and being unable to work effectively. He had a couple of large bottles of vodka to make up for everything.
Mr. Baxter stated that, yes, from my wife's point of view, I suppose I drink a lot. He mentioned that, over the years, he had been drinking a bad bottle of vodka every day, specifically for two to three years, and possibly even for five years.
Initially, he just used to have a couple of drinks after work because he got a pretty responsible job and found that drink calmed him down.
He mentioned that apart from vodka after...

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