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Throughout the course, we have seen many challenges to democracy in the U.S. & California political systems. We have also seen that in the past such challenges have been overcome by the workings of...

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Throughout the course, we have seen many challenges to democracy in the U.S. & California political systems. We have also seen that in the past such challenges have been overcome by the workings of our institutions and processes. From the topics below, choose 2 topics and discuss how they have either helped or hindered democracy. Do you think that your evidence shows that the U.S. and California now fulfill the ideals of democracy or do there need to be reforms of these political systems in order to achieve democracy? Submit a copy on Canvas & bring a copy to the final exam time. Word limit: 1,500.
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Topic 1    3
The Courts    3
Helped democracy:    4
Evidence:    4
Topic 2    5
Interest groups    5
Helped Democracy:    6
Evidence:    6
Conclusion    7
References:    8
Appendices:    10
Democracy refers to a specific system framed by a government of any respective nation through which individuals, rather citizens of that nation, choose a person as their sovereign or ruler. In this contemporary world, most of the nation follows democracy as a most suitable system of law and order and there exists various challenges in these democracies. The countries including the United States follow a system called federal republic, which is a system in which sharing of power takes place in between various federal courts, Congress and president. Therefore, it is evident that for regulating a nation by combating with challenges, law-forming bodies are most crucial, which is performed by various Courts and interest groups. The decisions and regulations framed by this group influence democracy of a nation in a direct manner, therefore, are of much significance for nations.
Topic 1
The Courts
The judicial
anch of the United States has comprised Supreme and Federal courts, these courts are responsible for exercising the judiciary or judicial powers (Sikkink 231). The prime function of these courts is to make interpretations related to constitution of the United States, for instance, the state, of California and implement the regulations and laws on federal grounds. On a majority of democracies, an inclination in protecting the nation's judiciary is observed from one degree to another that is from the respective voters. Certain officials, however, elect the judges of federal domain, and judges, belonging to various local venues are elected in a direct manner.
A process of selection of judges that mends the court is crucial in any democracy as the law and order for masses are dependent on them. There is another phenomenon called precedent is observed while regulation of any decision among these courts (Clark 556-558). This precedent is a decision taken or framed by Supreme Court and is followed by various courts and masses. There are certain arguments raised over the methodology of prescribing laws by courts, with respect to the upcoming challenges of California and United States. The courts, being authorised, to practise judicial power plays an important role in helping nation's democracy.
Helped democracy:
The United States is cu
ently facing the challenges of democracy in various domains, for instance, the challenges in Healthcare is a prime issue faced by a democracy of the United States. This challenge on grounds of health care is different from different grounds, for instance, some address issues on quality of healthcare, some on the cost-escalation required for health care. With respect to the subject of the challenge, it comes under the ambit of Supreme Court (Levitisky et al. 20). With respect to a recent article on legislation, Supreme Court has made a precedent by framing an act, "Affordable Care" Act (2012), which became effective from June 2012. This reform is framed for enriching Health-care quality in the te
itory of US. Furthermore, the objective of this act comprised of lowering of costs related to health care, and to hold various companies belonging to insurance domain accountable (Kahne et al. 1-35).
Certain amendments are also inscribed in these laws that are framed with an aim of aiding the democracy of the nation. Crisis based on housing system is another challenge that to the democracy of US. It came into existence due to a range of mismanagements and poor practices related to business. Some of the crises on this issue are subprime mortgage-crisis, which became of the major reasons for the downfall of an economy in the year of 2008. Matters of Housing come under the authority of Federal Housing-Association (Krause et al. 176-195). It is the prime body for fa
icating laws and regulations in a...

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