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Thompson Valley Police Service has recently appointed a new police commissioner, Commissioner Jason DeVillain. Currently, the police organisation is seeking to increase police strength (increase the...

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Thompson Valley Police Service has recently appointed a new police commissioner, Commissioner Jason DeVillain. Currently, the police organisation is seeking to increase police strength (increase the number of police officers employed by the police organisation). As such, police recruit intake numbers will be doubled over the next three (3) years. In order to achieve this increase, Commissioner DeVillain has proposed two (2) key changes to the current police selection process. These changes include:

o Police recruit applicants will no longer require completion or partial completion of tertiary education upon entry

o Psychological testing will be removed from the selection process


You are a research and policy analyst for the Thompson Valley Police Service. You have been asked to assess the validity and likely impact of the two (2) key proposed changes to the police recruitment selection process. In your paper, discuss whether each of the proposed changes will separately or together help achieve the Commissioner's intended goal of doubling the size of the police force, and whether there are likely to be any unintended consequences resulting from one or both of these policy changes. You are to use empirical research evidence to support your conclusions and recommendations.


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Thompson Valley Police Service
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Recruitment and selection process for Police applicants    3
Impact of changes on police selection process    4
Conclusion and Recommendation    7
References    9
The job of police is a challenging and rewarding task and selection process is typically designed to identify the potential of people after analyzing their skills and qualifications (Wachi et al. 2017). The present research study has been emphasizing on Thompson Valley Police Service which is located at Loveland Colorado and which is also the leading provider of Emergency Medical Services. Thus, in this context the report has been describing about that the impact of changes in the police service department. Along with this, discussion is also included regarding the selection and recruitment process for police applicants. Furthermore, researcher has also stated recommendations regarding the achievement of aim for the intended change.
Recruitment and selection process for Police applicants
The significance of ca
ying out productive recruitment and selection procedure cannot be overemphasized, regardless of the level involved. It has been argued by many police officers that the department is engaged in hiring a new
eed of police staff. It involves equal employment opportunity and affirmative action by promoting the requirements of police staff. At Thompson Valley Police Service Department, in the initial stage, written test is ca
ied out with the examination of physical abilities (A
le et al. 2017). This is the stage in which the efficiency of the candidates is analyzed by comparing with the defined standards for recruitment procedure. At the next level, writing skills are assessed along with map navigation skills assessment. This is the phase wherein abilities and potential of the candidate can be ascertained accordingly.
Next is the stage in which departmental interview is ca
ied out along with background investigation of the candidate. Seniors engaged in the department of Thompson Valley Police Service take interview of the candidate and judge the potential according to pre-defined standards and criteria (Millman, Winder & Griffiths, 2017). After this stage, psychological evaluation is also ca
ied out in which the person’s psychological test is ca
ied out. As per the skills and abilities, different aspects are being evaluated which is the basis of selection and recruitment. At next, interview with Chief of Police is conducted in which certain questions are being asked according to the job profile. Afterwards, medical evaluation is ca
ied out in which it is essential to screen the health of the person. The candidate applying for the job of police should not have any sort of medical problems (Wolfe & Nix, 2017). Last is the stage of selection in which final result is given to the candidate.
Impact of changes on police selection process
    It is essential for police officer to hold at least high school diploma and must have received police academy training. There are most of the training programs which specially define about age and fitness aspects; hence all such requirements should be fulfilled specially in consideration with local, state or federal law enforcement agencies (Cordner, 2017). As per the present scenario, new police commissioner of Thompson Valley Police Service seeks to enhance the police strength by recruiting more number of police officers within the period of 3 years. However, in order to attain this objective, the commissioner DeVillain has proposed two major changes in the selection procedure. As per the change, it is not essential for the candidates to complete partial or tertiary education. However, earlier the selection process includes the requirement of tertiary education; but now this requisite has been removed from the selection procedure.
Another change includes removing psychological testing from the selection process. Thus, the impact of such changes has been stated in the present research work. However, articulating the aim, it can be said that basic requirement for becoming a police officer includes high school diploma and some sort of post-secondary education (Menzies, 2017). The requirement has been included so that police officer can have basic knowledge. Education standards and requirements vary as per the department; hence Thompson Valley Police Service will have greater impact if such requirement will be removed from the existing selection process. Police officers who are educated enough become relevant asset to their departments and society.
Tertiary education is important for police officers since that helps in developing better behavioral and attitudinal changes and it also allows the person to become independent decision maker. Since, the task of police officer is to understand the dynamics of social aspects; therefore this clearly defines about the importance of education for them. Proper...

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