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This task requires you to access prescribed texts, policy and curriculum documents, and other relevant resources and write a 1000-word education report that summarises current approaches to STEAM...

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This task requires you to access prescribed texts, policy and curriculum documents, and other relevant resources and write a 1000-word education report that summarises current approaches to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths) learning in birth-5 years education contexts in Australia.

Your report must specifically relate to birth-5 years education. Your report needs to include the following sections:

  • Introduction to the topic: STEAM learning in birth-5 years, or early childhood education, Australia
  • Context: Research, policy and curriculum approaches to innovations in STEAM learning with young children.
  • Pedagogical context: Young children’s STEAM learning through play.
  • Conclusion: Key aspects of young children’s STEAM learning in Australia.

Your report must reference a selection of the learning resources in this course, including prescribed texts, references, and recommended websites. You must use a formal writing style, and include the required sections listed.

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Abhinaba answered on Jul 01 2021
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Running Head: STEM Education in Australia        1
Running head: STEM Education in Australia        6
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Context    3
Research    3
Policy and Cu
iculum    4
Pedagogical aspect    5
Conclusion    6
References    7
Over the years, STEM has been instrumental in arousing a global interest concerning the education and matters relating to workforce. An acronym stands for the interconnected facets of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM learning in the birth-5-year mark has emerged in matters concerning the learning of a child and it makes one disciplined in respect to the schooling forms that paves the way for the psychological development. The Australian Government has been instrumental in the inclusion of STEM for gaining better understanding of the career choices and help children in taking conscious decisions. It is important since it provides an insight into the elimination of the hindrances that stand in the way of educational system and STEM strives to discard those factors.
The NISA or as it is popularly known as National Innovation and Science Agenda based in Australia plays an important role. It is instrumental in putting the innovation as well as the sciences in an interconnected manner for satiating the agenda of the Government. As opined by Falloon et al., (2020) the Australian Government gave a thought of reforming their cu
iculum that will instead of forming a significant aspect that is effective for capitalizing their strategy that will help in building the scientific capacity. It is with the usage of STEM that literacy can be inculcated in the pre-schoolers with the fun experiments. It is done through inquiry as well as learning apps that are based on plays focusing on the concepts of STEM that happens to strive as an important part concerning the program.
Policy and Cu
It is done in consideration of the children who are aged from 1-5 years, concepts concerning mathematical, scientific and technology are injected across the Australian learning of early years as well as their Development Framework. As observed by English (2017) it is done to support aspects concerning professionals of all early childhood who tend to work with the families for advancing the learning of children by problem solving technique. Along with these, they are allowed to hypothesize, to experiment, and make effective investigation concerning the Australian schools. Since STEM appears to exist as a part...

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