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This is the second assignment that need to be written by the same writer. Please assign to a writer that can deliver High Quality Solution only! Also please check the Assignment Message Board for the...

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This is the second assignment that need to be written by the same writer. Please assign to a writer that can deliver High Quality Solution only! Also please check the Assignment Message Board for the last pages of the assignment and my university referencing guide. Thank you
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Akansha answered on May 08 2020
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Australian Politics
Australian Politics
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Australia's political system is comparatively newer than that of the nations that existed in political history in the past years. The Australian Constitution demands that the elected government must abide by the rules and regulations of the legislative, administrative and judicial departments. The growing concern with the environment has produced a wide variety of groups, and the emergence of a combined political force is the Australian Green Party. The ideological principles and beliefs of the Greens operate beyond the warmth of their posts as well as their ideal green politics. Although "green politics" is the centre of the Green Party's ideology, their core beliefs and their policies, if passed, will fundamentally change the economy as well as the Australian social culture. According to the Greens' ideology, human pride is neither intrinsic nor complete, but it is related. Humans have only one of them. As mentioned by Singer and Brown, “We believe that leading ethic is impossible because it just pays attention to human beings and humans living now and ignores the interests of those who do not belong to our species and does not care about the generations, in other words, they associate humans and animals”. "The revolutionary factor of green morality is that we view our challenges in a universal term” (Scott, 2010).
Australian Greens are Still Green
Before 1977, any electoral legislation in Australia did not recognize the parties. Even if the parties were formally recognized, some of Australia's older parties still chose to use a single leader model to establish Wisdom. Although one can choose a variety of leadership modes in Australian academic circles, political leadership style is mostly perceived through a lens of party representation (Edwards, 2017). This view analyses the micro and macro aspects of organisations, systems and has a common worldview in which the leadership structure is consolidated in the political-military-industrialized complex. Therefore, the complex is a merger of all the given assemblies (Kahn, 2007). The success of the election gives the party's elected representatives great power and influence. However, McAllister warns that the nature of the legislative, administrative and electoral bodies was shaping the style as well as contents of politics in the leadership of a country. There has not been sufficient information on the fact that if the hierarchical leadership is inevitable. Nevertheless, there do exist situations where the progressive left front opposition parties try to question the inevitability of the leadership positions. The British Labour Party never prefe
ed the leadership style of Australian Green Party. This discomfort is viewed from two ends. A Labour Party "has an inherent scepticism about the concept of leadership", as the egalitarian ideal contend that no one should regard themselves superior to the common people, while on the contrary, it is viewed that if there is no party management, the party will become chaotic and anarchical, unable to design its plans, nor would be able to promote its voters effectively.
In Australia, the tension between leadership and hierarchy of any old party is because it is not strong, but the Australian Green (AG) Party is a party that displays tensions with an existential attitude and leadership (Jackson, 2012). The formation of the PPR leadership framework was initially reserved only for the federal parliamentary part of AG, as well as the national party has no executives or official leadership. It continues to operate under the conditions of the people. The dichotomy of the leadership structure of the party, as well as the parliament, has been a subject of continuing tension for some individual members within the AG Party. Moreover, the State party have been in the Federal Parliament. Since the level of traditional leadership structure is troubling, the understanding is the core belief and ideology, whereas the goal of the party is the success of the Elijah political system. They hope to succeed as an unfinished party for the Australian Environmental Protection Party. The reality of position power and the need to meet the structure of the parliament are the benefits that this structure allows the only one-party leader to achieve. Although in this study, the dichotomy of positions has been proved, it is also obvious that AG's leadership position is weak, and it somewhat retains its commitment to the viewpoint of ecological feminism leadership, along with being supported by the...

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