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This is Self reflection report.

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A leader is necessary for any team to succeed. Effective and efficient leadership qualities are important at present, for any organization. This is because a good leader can lead his followers or teammates towards a more efficient and developed future which is more beneficial for the organization. The theories of lease's put more emphasis on the traits of different types of leaders. Due to its importance, difference scholars have tried to study why and how certain individuals are able to become leaders. These schools of thoughts are the different leadership theories we see at present. The motive behind creating and analyzing the different traits and methods that will help the followers engage in such a way that it
ings positive results.
The trait theory of leadership
The trait theory of leadership puts an emphasis on identifying various traits in characteristics and personality which is linked to a variety of successful leadership in various situations (Che
y, 2018). This list of traits may vary from one person to another but recent study most common traits that are associated with lower level management to high authority leaders are as follows:
· Action oriented and intelligence traits- choices taken by smart leaders that make the group work efficiently and provide the organization with further success.
· Willingness to take responsibility: leaders who are strong and efficient are not afraid to accept responsibility as they refrain themselves from putting the blame on other people.
· Work competence: a good leader is capable and skillful (Carleton, 2018). The members belonging to the group look up to the leader in order to take an example of how the things should be done.
· Understanding the needs of their followers: efficient leaders give attention to the members of the group and help them to achieve success.
· Need for success:
· Ability of motivating people: an efficient leader is aware of the ways in which he/she can motivate the group.
· Resolution and courage
· Perseverance
· Trustworthiness
· Decisiveness
· Self-confidence
· Assertiveness
· Flexibility and adaptability
· Emotional stability
· Creativity
After implementing this leadership trait I have found a lot of problems as I don't consider it successful for my own business. I have a lot of traits but due to my lack of communication skills some traits could not be implemented by me. There were problems relating to some of the traits that I do not have. There were a lot of major benefits due to the implementation of this leadership theory but it is not a long-term fix for my business due to my own personality traits that I lack. This is one of the old theories of leadership and it is necessary to have modern solutions for modern industries.
The situational leadership theory
The situational theory of leadership recommends that no single style of leadership is ideal. Rather, everything relies upon the cu
ent circumstance and which sort of initiative and systems are most appropriate to the job at hand (Thompson, 2018). As indicated by this hypothesis, the best chiefs are those that can adjust their style to the circumstance and look for indicators like how the task is formed, the nature and behavior of the team, and various different factors that can make contributions towards the completion of the task.
This situational theory of leadership centers around adaptability with the goal which leaders can adjust as indicated by the necessities of their subordinates and the requests of the circumstance. The situational way to deal with authority likewise maintains a strategic distance from the traps of the single-style approach by perceiving that there are a wide range of methods of managing an issue and that leaders should have the option to evaluate a circumstance and the development levels of subordinates so as to figure out what approach will be the best at some random given moment.
The degree of authority the administrator has over individuals of the group, ought to likewise be thought of. A few heads have power given by the position itself, for example, the ability to fire, recruit, prize, or censure subordinates (Meier, 2016). Different leaders gain power through their associations with workers, regularly by picking up regard from them, backing them, and helping them feel valued and recognized for the dynamic procedure.
Although there aren't any perfect leadership theories; however, according to my experiences, using...

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