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7/22/2020 Persuasive Speech Outline Submission XXXXXXXXXX/2 Persuasive Speech Outline Submission Due Thursday by 11:59pm...

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7/22/2020 Persuasive Speech Outline Submission
Persuasive Speech Outline Submission
Due Thursday by 11:59pm Points 25
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Available until Jul 23 at 11:59pm
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For this speech, you will prepare a complete sentence, formal outline.
Your outline should contain the following:
1. Outline the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion separately.
2. At the top of the outline, include:
1. 1. Your name
2. Your specific purpose
3. Your thesis statement
3. The Introduction should have (at a minimum) the following components:
I. Attention gette
II. Audience Relation
III. Speaker Credibility - tell what research and experience you have with the topic
IV. Main Point Preview and Thesis Statement - tell the audience what each of your main points will
4. The Body should have two to five XXXXXXXXXXmain points with subpoints. Each main point should have at
least two subpoints. Each main point, and subpoint should be in complete sentences. At the end of each
main point, be sure to include a transition sentence to connect to the next main point. For you
Informative Speech you may choose the organizational pattern that best fits your topic.
5. The Conclusion should have two components written in complete sentences:
I. Summarize your main points - repeat your main points
II. End with a strong closing statement
6. At the end of your outline, you should include a complete Works Cited/References/Bibliography of
the sources used in the speech.
7/22/2020 Persuasive Speech Outline Submission
7. Three sources are required from credible and reliable sources. Wikipedia is not a credible or reliable
source. These sources may be from popular or academic media, but be sure to include an appropriate
al and written citation and Works Cited/References entry.
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Dilpreet answered on Jul 23 2021
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Running Head: Outline of Persuasive Speech         1
Outline of Persuasive Speech         
Hello, my name is Sam and I am here to draw your attention towards a widely discussed topic i.e. bad effects of using electronic devices on kids. The thesis statement for the speech is “Excessive use of electronic gadgets has an adverse impact on the physical and mental health of kids”.
    As technology has become an essential part of our lives, kids have been spending most of their time on electronic gadgets like smartphones, televisions, and XBOX, gaming and stereo systems. We all see kids around us who spend most of their time on gadgets and therefore, it is important to discuss the adverse impact of using these electronic devices on kids. This speech shall highlight adverse impact of...

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