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this is my information security assignment submission date is 20 august

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this is my information security assignment submission date is 20 august
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Soumi answered on Aug 15 2020
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Running Head: CYBER ATTACKS OF 2017-2018    1
CYBER ATTACKS OF 2017-2018        3
Executive Summary
The cu
ent research offers an in depth understanding of the nature and range of impact of cyber-attacks, such as spyware, malware and ransomware. The report sheds light on the recent development of a spyware that has created intense problems for internet users, namely VPNFilter, which gives an example of cyber-attack in 2018. In the following section of the report two of the widest spread and devastating ransomware – WannaCry and Petya ransomware have been discussed in length. The report establishes the fact that the ransomware and cyber-attacks are a direct effect of lackluster security standards and lack of idea about the fundamentals of computer as well as inter usage. The report ends as it provided data about what measures could have stopped the attacks and how important is data security of users.
Table of Contents
Part A    4
VPNFilter, the Spyware    4
How VPNFilter Works and Reason for its Occu
ence    5
The Ways, in which VPNFilter could have been stopped    6
Part B    7
A Comparative Study of WannaCry and Petya Cyber Attack    7
The Scope of the WannaCry and Petya ransomware Attacks    7
Operational Details of the Attacks    8
Ways that Could Have Prevented WannaCry and Petya Cyber Attack    10
References    11
Part A
All computing devices use internet as a platform for communication and data sharing, and the entire process is done by binary, octal and decimal coding as well as computer languages that simplifies the complex data inputs into devices. As stated by ElFadl, Salah and Kamel (2018), the coding of software is very important as it generates the level of encryption that preserves privacy and it is this same coding process that generates risk of data
VPNFilter, the Spyware
Taking cue from the profound knowledge of coding and decoding, some people
each the structured defense line provided by software and
each data of other people, taking unethical advantage of their compromised data, the process of which is known as hacking. VPNFilter, as noted by Tam, Feizollah, Anuar, Salleh and Cavallaro (2017), is a router based malware cum spyware that infects moderately protected routers of internet users in any part of the globe and accesses the system of the users without their permission,
eaching security walls and invading personal space.
The VPNFilter works as a malware that access all the devices that are connected with the hacked network provided by the router. The
each of the security caused by VPNFilter helps the hackers to get personal information of internet user, especially the credentials they use for online transaction and use them for unethical purposes such as bank account money transfer and without permission purchases (Wired, 2018).
In addition to VPNFilter can also be used as a spyware, as it gets direct to Internet of Things. As mentioned by Lévesque, Chiasson, Somayaji and Fernandez (2018), VPNFilter uses location bouncing and unwitting VPN system, making the location of the hacker, nearly impossible for tracing. The inability to locate the hacker also makes the determination of a compromised router system remains very difficult. VPNFilter also have the ability to connect to other hacked devices to form a massive and expansive attack on a huge number of people. The ability to destroy the firmware of a system, as opined by Feizollah, Anuar and Salleh (2018), shields the hackers in situations, where there is a chance of locating their addresses. VPNFilter can also act as a very effective spyware, as it can easily use the microphone and camera of computing devices that are connected with the internet and record personal data, later used for unethical purposes.
How VPNFilter Works and Reason for its Occu
VPNFilter attacks routers, which help the hackers to stay and operate from an area, outside the protected firewall of internet security, making them very hard to locate. As the routers are manufactured on large scales and has a simple functional circuit structure, it receives very little or no software updates from its manufacturers, making them vulnerable for code
eaching over time.
As the software updates are not pushed into the routers as described by Saad (2018), the system
eaches are not patched, which is targeted by the hackers. The hackers use simple internet hacking seeds into the targeted router through remote hacking and once the seed in planted into the router system, the personal data is
eached. As VPNFilter controls the flow of data through the router system, it can also manipulate the users of the system towards biased web pages that further intensify the vulnerability of the users.
    It was found that in the month of May; nearly 500,000 users were infected by VPNFilter (Washington Post, 2018). There were a...

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