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this is marketing principle assignment. the topic for this assignment is Telstra company.i will send you the file which has the details on it. this is worth 25% and i have to get a good marks in it...

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this is marketing principle assignment. the topic for this assignment is Telstra company.i will send you the file which has the details on it. this is worth 25% and i have to get a good marks in it any how.In this assignment it has to be done very clearly and in a simple professional way including the contents, figures and all.
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Marketing Mix – Telstra
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Marketing Mix – Telstra
Marketing mix can be said as the mixture of different factors which the firm deploys so as to generate desired responses from the target market. It means different strategies like product, distribution, pricing and promotional strategies which are produced and used to ca
y out exchanges which helps in achieving the targets of the company. As stated Singh 2012, "Marketing mix - inte
elated actions and solutions to meet consumer needs and to achieve the company's marketing goals, a whole". It can be said as the solution which are used by the company to sell its products and services.
Telstra is Australia’s one of the biggest telecommunication company which provides wide range of telecom services across Australia. The company focuses on providing basic access services to the homes as well as businesses for the local and long distance calls along with the mobile as well as internet services. The company also provides wholesale services to the ISP’s and RSP’s through the subsidiary company. The company offers a wide range of services which includes mobile services, voice services, data services and managed services.
Marketing Mix of Telstra
Telstra being the largest companies of Australia, offers wide range of communication services which includes the
oadband, mobile and voice services. The company has five major business segments which includes: Telstra Retail (TR), Global Enterprise and Services (GES), Telstra Wholesale (TW), Telstra Operations (TOps), and All Others.
Telstra retail is the segment which provides a range of telecommunication products, services and solutions across the mobiles, fixed and mobile
oadband, telephony, pay television and digital content. This segment of the company is also engaged in the call centres and a strong dealership network. This segment is engaged in delivering self-care facilities for Telstra customers.
The global enterprise and the services segment focuses on the sales for the businesses and government customers across Australia as well as the countries across the globe. It is the segment which provides the product management for advanced technology solutions which includes the data and the internet network, the network application and services example managed network, unified communications, cloud and other industry and integrated solutions.
Telstra wholesale is the other segment of the company which provides a range of telecommunication services to the Telstra products and services which are delivered to the network and associated support systems.
Telstra operations is the other segment which is engaged in the planning, designing, engineering and the construction of Telstra network, technologies and other IT solutions. It provides a wide range of telecommunication services so as to meet Telstra Universal Service obligation performance agreements.
Other segments of the company includes Telstra International Group (excluding Auto-home Group) and Telstra Ventures Group and Telstra Health.
The company has classified its operations in two segments including Australia and offshore regions with a primary focus on Australian segment.
Some of the major services that is offered by the company includes:
Mobile phones, Broadband services, Websites and domains , Tablets Office phones, Cloud services, Mobility solutions, Collaboration and conferencing, Customer contract solutions, Network services, Security services, Internet of Things, Consulting services, Digital media, and Machine to machine (M2M) services. (Products and services, 2018)
The company has strongly emphasized on offering am effective bundling strategies for the wide range of services that us offered by the company. The company has wide range of services which has helped the company to attain its competitive as compared to its competitors. The company offers wide range of activities which includes the fixed line voice, fixed line
oadband, mobile voice and
oadband and pay television.
Telstra has strongly emphasized on expansion and transformation programs which includes the nationwide optical network transformation and expansion, the...

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