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This is an elaboration on the Idea Paragraph you submitted after your One IDEA Paragraphwas approved and you did more research. Pick a local manufacturer company and research their Management...

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This is an elaboration on the Idea Paragraph you submitted after your One IDEA Paragraphwas approved and you did more research.

Pick a local manufacturer company and research their Management Information System then research how the company uses this to gain an advantage.

MUST BE A LOCAL COMPANY that uses a Management Information System.Pick a local manufacturer(there are more than 3500 here on Long Island).

YOU MUST GET APPROVAL in the One Paragraph and One Page Proposal you submit or you will get a ZERO on the Final Project.SEE DEADLINES FOR EACH ON SCHEDULE. Your One paragraphwill get you thinking about your research and reserve the company for you. The One PageProposal will go into a little more detail to focus your efforts.

Research the company and the information system they use. Propose that in your one paragraph and one page proposal.

Continue your research and Include something from every chapter of our textbook that relates to how your chosen company uses the information system you have identified to be more efficient andeffective. Elaborate in your paper then pull highlights for your Power Point Presentation.

YOU MUST GET APPROVALso submit the One paragraphby thedeadlinesince there will be no duplicates allowed.

Once again include something that in each chapterin your paper and presentation.

The Role of MIS in a Company

Cover all topics in Text Chapters 1-12

Chapter 1.Information Systems in the Digital Age

Chapter 2. Global E-Business and Collaboration

Chapter 3. Achieving Competitive Advantage with Information Systems

Chapter 4 Ethics andSocial Issues

Chapter 5. IT Infrastructure

Chapter 6. Foundations of Business Intelligent:Databases and Information Management

Chapter 7. Telecommunications, the Internet and Wireless Technology

Chapter 8. Securing Information Systems

Chapter 9.Achieving Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy:Enterprise Applications

Chapter 10.E-commerce: Digital Markets, Digital Goods

Chapter 11.Improving Decision Making and Managing Knowledge

Chapter 12 Building Information Systems and Managing Projects

Deliver a Power point presentation including:

Provide the Company History and the Information system that company uses detail their history-brief of both, for example if you choose EsteeLauder (Melville) who uses SAP you need a brief history of both EsteeLauder and SAP. Thecompany/manufacturer must be on LI. No Stores, no retail stores, norestaurants no delis, nosubsidiaries, no large stores like Walmart, Target, Verizon,the company must manufacturer something here on Long Island.

Who is their Target Market?What Products and Services do they provide?What Customer Relationships do they have, how does their MIS help them with their customers?What Supplier Relationships do they have, how does their MIS help them with theirsuppliers?What are their Distribution Channels?there headquarters must be on Long IslandWhat is the Role of Information Systems in this company?

Provide a screen capture of the MIS they use, views of that system, screen shots

What Interface Improvements the company has implemented, why and when?

What Risks have they taken recently?

The power point should be a minimum of 15 slides no more than 17 slides.

The paper documenting all sources and data should be no more than 7 pages no less than 6 and both should be submitted to the designated drop box before presenting.

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MIS proposal
Aim: To study and evaluate the Management Information system used in the selected organization.
Company Overview:
The organization Apparel Production incorporated is a NewYork based, clothing manufacturer. The organization is indulged in operations like designing of patterns, making unique clothing designs and production of clothes and stylish outfits.
The unique point of the organization:
The organization is extensively focussed on creating high-end contemporary designs and pay special attention to small design details in their craft.
Key Target market and Age groups
· Children
· Women (till age 40)
· Men (till age 45)
Mission and Vision:
The focus area of the organization’ Mission and Vision is to provide the highest quality and extensive contemporary designs with a high level of customer satisfaction.
Value of MIS for a business or an organization
The MIS used by the organizations helps them to gain crucial information by studying the market trends, people or customer’ behavior towards a trend and the expectations they have with the
ands. Additionally, the MIS help the organization to evaluate and...

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