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ISDS 4125 Spring 1999 Take Home Part 1 for Exam 2 – DFD Exercise 1 BMIS 270 Website Design Project Guidelines Project Type: Individual Project Objectives: To provide students with hands-on experience...

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ISDS 4125 Spring 1999 Take Home Part 1 for Exam 2 – DFD Exercise
BMIS 270
Website Design Project

Project Type:
Individual Project
To provide students with hands-on experience in designing and building a
usiness-to-consumer website that achieves high levels of usability.
Point Value:

50 points
Due Dates:
Monday June 12th , 2017

Business-to-consumer (B2C) electronic commerce (e-commerce) is big business.

In order for organizations to successfully conduct B2C activities via the Web, it is imperative for
organizations to design websites that achieve high levels of usability.

Utilizing the knowledge gained from the usability critique of the Nike, Inc. website, you will design
and build a B2C website for a real or fictional (for profit or non-profit) organization. You may
choose the type of product or service that you wish to sell. The main point is to build and design a
B2C website that achieves high levels of usability.

For this project, you will submit a functional website, which you will create using Wix
(http: The deadline for the deliverable is specified in Moodle. Failure to submit
your website by the deadline will mean you receive zero (0) points on the project.
Late submissions will not be accepted.
To build your website in Wix, follow these simple steps:
1. If you do not cu
ently have a Wix account, you will need to register. You can use your
email address or login with your Google or Facebook account.
2. After you’ve logged on to Wix, select the category most accurately describes the purpose of
your website (e.g., online store).
3. Choose a template that most closely matches the purpose of your website.
4. At this point, you can start building your website. To edit your website, click the “Edit Site”
utton. Editing is self-explanatory and very easy.
5. Your website must contain the following elements:
• The website must contain a minimum of five pages.
• The website must have a home page, which provides an overview of the organization
and the types of products and services the organization offers.
• The four other pages must have a navigational link back to the home page. In other
words, the user should not need to click the back button in the
owser to return to the
home page.
• The website must have a “Contact Us” page. The page must contain a map to the
physical address of your store. If you are creating a website for a fictitious company or
simply want to protect your privacy, feel free to use a fake address, such as the address
of the university (32 Campus Drive, Missoula, MT XXXXXXXXXXTo add a map in Wix, click
on the + icon (Add), followed by Apps and Google Map. You must provide a valid
address, otherwise the map will not display properly.
• There must be at least one picture on each page. The map on the “Contact Us” page
counts as an image. Feel free to use images you find on search engines (the images must
not be copyrighted). You can also take pictures with a digital camera and upload them to
your website.
• Each page must contain a footer, which specifies “This website was created by [INSERT
YOUR NAME HERE] as a class project for BMIS 270, Section [INSERT SECTION
of Business at the University of Montana.” Be sure to insert your real name, your section
number, and the semeste
year in the appropriate places where
ackets appear.
NOTE: Your website doesn’t need to include advanced functionality, such as a shopping
cart, credit card processing, or the ability to save data entered in forms. Such functionality
may require programming skills, which lie beyond the scope of this project. For this project,
simply create the “look and feel” of the website.
6. Once you have finished your website, you will need to publish your website for the world to
see. As illustrated in the figure below, be sure to turn off Search Engine Optimization
(SEO), which will prevent search engines from finding and categorizing your website.

7. The URL to your website will be specified on the same screen (see above). To submit your
website for grading, go to the “Website Design Project Submission Area” in your section
area of Moodle, click on the submission link, and follow the instructions. Before submitting
your website, be sure to type (or paste) your URL into the address bar of your web
If you can see your website, you can be assured that the professor will also be able to see it.
Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated based on quality rather than quantity. Here are some helpful hints to
improve the quality of your submission:
• Follow directions
• Ensure your website is free of grammatical and spelling e
Student Conduct Code Information

You are welcome to contact the professor at any time should questions arise. If any of the material
is unclear, please inform the professor. Prior to working on the project, feel free to collaborate with
your fellow students. Collaboration can include strategizing, discussing, researching, locating
websites, and related activities that will assist you in producing the best deliverable possible.
However, the website you build must reflect your own individual work.
Common Questions & Answers

Q. Can I use a tool (e.g., Google Sites, WordPress) other than Wix to build my website?
A. Yes, you may use a tool other than Wix to build your website. If you use another tool, be
aware that you are doing so at your own risk. Help resources, such as the professor, may be
unfamiliar with the tool you have chosen. It may be difficult to find support if you encounter
questions or difficulties.

Q. How do I get help with Wix?
A. If you experience problems or have questions with Wix, refer to the help page, which you
can access via a link in the top right portion of your
owser window.
Search engines are also a great way to solve problems. Chances are the other users have
experienced the same problem. You can often find solutions by conducting a keyword
search using your favorite search engine.
If you continue to experience issues, you can attend the optional lab sessions, Study Jams, or
evening help sessions sponsored by the Montana Information Systems Association (MISA).
More information about these resources has been posted in the Common Area of Moodle.
Q. How do I find images that are not copyrighted?
A. You can find non-copyrighted images easily through search engines. For example, you can
search for a keyword in Google, click on the “Images” tab, click on “Search Tools,” and
select “Labeled for Reuse”. Other search engines, such as Bing, contain similar tools.
Q. How do I create a footer in Wix?
A. Most Wix templates contain a footer, which can be customized. When you are editing a
page, go to the bottom of the screen where the footer is located. As shown in the image
elow, click on the text and the “Edit Text” button will appear. Click the “Edit Text” button
and enter the text you wish to display in the footer.

Q. Does my website need to have a functional shopping cart or be able to process credit
A. No. Advanced functionality, such as shopping carts, credit card processing, and form
processing may require additional programming and, therefore, lies beyond the scope of the
project. For this project, simply create the “look and feel” of the website. For instance, your
website can contain a button to add an item to the user’s shopping cart, but the button does
not need to do anything (i.e., function as it would on a real e-commerce website).
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