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This assignment covers the in-depth theoretical concepts with practical accounting task application based on the topics from the subject. Task Details: Students are required to prepare a comprehensive...

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This assignment covers the in-depth theoretical concepts with practical accounting task application based on the topics from the subject. Task Details: Students are required to prepare a comprehensive report directed to an Australian ASX Top 100 listed corporation detailing a critical analysis of the effectiveness of the corporation to meet the obligations of the conceptual framework of accounting. Consideration of the Conceptual Framework Objective, Recognition Criteria, Fundamental and Enhancing Guidelines is essential. The relationship between accounting research and professional practice is essential. This article needs to inform your arguments. The analysis and supported recommendations need to be formatted into a professional report as would be expected in a modern organisation by management and clients. It should include an abstract, introduction, body, conclusion and bibliography. Maximum word count is 1500 words not including the abstract or bibliography. Research Requirements: Students need to support their analysis and recommendations with the text and minimum of 10 recent and relevant academic journal articles. Other sources may also be used but students need to be confident of the academic validity of such sources. Presentation: Report – XXXXXXXXXX% word report. The word count excludes the cover sheet, contents page, references, appendices, and illustrations (e.g. diagrams, graphs and tables). Students need to stay within the assigned word limits, and indicate the word count on the cover page of the assignment. Marks will be reduced for assignments shorter than or greater than the minimum word count. o The report should be typed double spaced, using Times New Roman font size of either 10 point or 12 point. o Every page should be clearly numbered. o The assignment should include the following parts: o A title / cover page, which indicates basic information such as Subject title, Subject code, Trimester number, Assignment title, group members’ full names and KOI student numbers, word count and name of the tutor; o Executive Summary; o Table of Contents; o Main contents – Introduction, analysis using suitable headings and subheadings, Conclusions and Recommendations, Appendices (if any); o References (using Harvard – Anglia style); and/or o Attachments. Marking Guide: Analysis 30% Research – extent and application 30% Recommendations/conclusions 20% Presentation 20% This mark will be scaled to a mark out of 20 subject marks.
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Analysis of accounting standards of Myer, Australia
Course Name
Course Date
Student’s Name
Introduction    3
Conceptual framework    3
Objective    4
Recognition criteria    4
Assets    7
Liabilities    7
Sustainability    8
Reporting and the effect on the shareholders    8
Conclusion    11
References    12
Analysis of accounting standards of Myer, Australia
Myer is an upmarket Australian departmental store which sells
oad range of products for its target customers. The product range includes the clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, homeware, toys and electrical products. It is considered as the synonymous with the style and fashion. The company recently has been facing downturn and decrease in sales because of the competition in the industry as well as economic conditions of the economy. With the change in the economic conditions and the deteriorating position of the company, the CEO of the company has resigned and the position of the company has decreased further.
Conceptual framework
The conceptual framework of the accounting is an important part as it is considered as the baseline for the accounting reporting. The major objective of the financial reporting is to provide all the adequate financial information about the reporting company, which can be useful for the cu
ent and the future investors, creditors, lenders, stakeholders particularly in making the relevant decision for investment and other perspectives. The information is used in making different decisions in respect to the particular organisation.
“The objective of general purpose financial reporting is to provide financial information about the reporting entity that is useful in making decisions about providing resources to the entity through equity investments and loans or other forms of credit” (IASB 2010b, par OB2).
The framework primarily focuses on safeguarding the interest of the stakeholders and the investors and help them to know the true picture of the organization. The information about the financial statement of the company is provided by the income statements and the other facts of the company’s financial position.
The objective in this paper is to analyse aspect and the conceptual framework on Myers, Australia. With the challenging retail competition and the decrease in the profits, the company has focused on decreasing itself and becoming leaner. The sales has declined over 1.4% and has closed three stores and has handed over the space of two stores.
Recognition criteria
The revenue of company includes the revenue through different sales. All the sales and the total sales are reported in the income statement of the company. The total revenue presented in the income statement represents the sale from goods, sales from the defe
al programs, concession sales and other operating sales.
The company follows the revenue recognition principle which states that the sales is recognised when the sales is actually incu
ed. The sales is recognised at the point of sale and is reported after deducting the taxes paid. The allowance on the sales is made for the expected sales returns which are based on the past experiences and expectation about the future. The interest revenue is recognized on the basis of the time proportion using the effective interest method whereas the dividend revenue is recognized when the right to the payment is established.
    Sales revenue
    Total sales value
    Concession sales
    Sales of goods
    Sales revenue defe
ed under customer loyalty program
    Revenue from sale of goods
    Other operating revenue
    Concession revenue
    Finance revenue
    Interest revenue
    Total revenue
So, the company reports and follow the conceptual framework as well as the accounting principles in reporting its sales. The group also has the loyalty...

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