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Project Management
Project management includes analysis of the problems and design of the systems mainly that helps the project team to meet the needs of the project owner. The analysis and design are the main basic things that are considered by the project managers of a company otherwise the issues related to analysis or design may influence the efforts of the project team. As a result, a project team may not achieve the expected project outcomes. In this context, this research report identifies, explains and priorities related to the key issues related to the complex IT related situations. It improves understanding towards the different situations related to the IT. Further, this research report explains the IT related situation through the help of relevant theory and some examples. Then again, this research report presents a case study that facilitates the research report's users to improve understanding towards the IT system, related problems and issues and how the company manages the IT issues in a proper manner to ensure maximum benefits.
This research report describes the application of research and concepts that are used by the case organization to progress work on the project. It also discusses how the project management team generates and uses the problem-solving skills to ensure the successful completion of the product analysis and design. Overall, this research report provides complete information related to the project management and the role of the project management team through the help of the related theory and concepts that will facilitate the research report users to know about the benefits of the project management skills to analyze the situation and design the alternate solutions for overcoming the issue. For attaining this research report, the Telehealth is selected as a research topic that is related to IT project which is implemented in the healthcare industry in developing countries.
Keywords: Project management, Project Analysis, Project Design.
Table of Contents
Introduction    4
Overview of Case Organization    4
Identified Issues    5
Integration Issues:    5
Backup Recovery Challenges:    6
Undiscovered Root Causes of IT Project:    6
Security Risks    7
Lack of Strategic IT Planning:    7
Explanation of Issues    8
Priorities Key Issues    9
Applicable Theories    9
Case Study    11
Problem:    11
Solutions of Problem    12
Recommendations to Solve Above Defined Issues    13
Conclusion    13
References    15
Project management is actually a tool for organizations to set the new goals and objectives. With the help of effective project management, an organization may not only ensure the successful analysis of the problem but also draw the design for a project to replace problems.
Project management in the term of the healthcare industry is also having complex nature because it includes the involvement of human and IT systems (Gido and Clements 2014). In this context, this research report describes the issues related to IT project that can be faced by a healthcare organization in implementing the project of Telehealth to provide healthcare services to the people in the remote areas. This research report analyses the issues faced by the healthcare organization with the help of a hypothetical example. After this, it analyzes the issues related to IT project with the help of the project management theories that explain the criteria which should have to follow by the healthcare organization to ensure successful implementation of the Telehealth in a successful manner. This research report also uses a case study of NHS that is engaged in the similar project development to provide some recommendations that can help the hypothetical organization to implement the IT project without any issue.

Overview of Case Organization
XYZ is a healthcare organization that is situated in the metropolitan city of the UK. This organization has many departments to run its clinical business. To run the caring activities in an effective manner, it has used some computers but these are not inter-related. Due to this reason, the manual entry is also used by the clinical staff of the hospital. Further, the available caring staff uses Smartphone based application to connect with the patients. Through this way, they deliver important information to patients, get information from patients. With the help of this method, the hospital does not only reduce the workload but also manage the flow of the patients. But the demand of the caring services in the nea
y areas increases the pressure on the organization owner to expand the business and reach some remote areas, where the death-rate is high due to the lack of the caring services. In this context, the owner of the hospital has planned to use Telehealth system to fulfill the needs of patients as this method helps employees to get proper guidance from the doctors without going anywhere. Further, the organization has a capable project management team which is engaged in the regular development of the IT infrastructure of the organization. It is also strong in financial areas.
Identified Issues
The healthcare industry is seeing drastic growth in the technology advancement (Koutoukidis, Stainton and Hughson 2017 and Cashman and Shelly 2009). But the regular advancement in the technology does not allow the majority of healthcare companies to develop the operations to grab the opportunities and achieve the growth (Dennis, Wixom and Roth 2008). This is because that any problem related to the IT project may affect the entire efforts of the nursing staffs and organization (Fo
ester and Griffiths 2015) and they may not achieve the outcome after the implementation of the related IT projects. In the context of the Telehealth project, followings are some problems that are related to IT and healthcare organizations may face:
Integration Issues:
The healthcare industry is seeing drastic growth in the technology advancement due to the need to make improvement in the availability of the healthcare facilities in the remote areas, where the general healthcare facilities are not present or not possible to serve. But when the new technology releases, sometimes they do not match with the existing technology of the organization (Xu 2008). In this situation, the project management team of the organization needs to new entry of the storage data (Heldman 2005). But the storage of the data at the different place may cause inefficiencies. Such issues explain that the project planning was not so good that give a place for the IT issue.
Backup Recovery Challenges:
IT projects in the healthcare industry helps in the data storage. Due to this, they can create the patient's history which allows them to provide the best caring facilities. In this context, the issue related to the backup and recovery of the data is a bigger challenge to the project team. This is because that each IT system has different nature of the data storage system (Krause 2006). Therefore, the gap in data backup from existing or old IT system is a big issue that affects the performance of the IT management team of the organization. Further, it is also possible that some stored data in the other system may not be stored in the...

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