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Term Paper Guideline and Instructions
A term project is required for this course to provide/improve the experience and training of the money and banking analysis skill based on monetary economics background.
The project should be no more than 2000 words (approximately 7-8 pages double spaced), excluding the title, summary, and bibliography pages and figure and tables. The project can be an individual or group (maximum 3 students) project.
Topic: An analysis of the monetary policy during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Canada
Period: 2019 to present
Type of Paper: Case Study
Variables Analyzed: Inflation, Money Supply, Interest Rate
Format of the Project:
First Page:
Title: The title of your project must be shown with the course code CECN 506
Second Page:
Brief summary of your project (from the beginning to the end).
The main writing will be starting from the third page.
In the main writing, the following topics must be addressed clearly.
For a case study paper:
1. Research Objectives and Introduction
2. Data analysis: - why the data sets were selected
- some descriptive data analyses (period covered, frequency, source)
3. Case study analysis. Support the research with graphs and tables.
4. Conclusion of your research.
The appendix:
It should contain statistical outputs o
and a copy of your data.
The appendix:
Should contain a copy of your data.
Please note that the paper should be no more than 2000 words (approximately 7-8 pages double spaced), excluding the bibliography, figures and tables.
How the Project is graded?
Your submission will be graded based upon the following factors: substance, presentation, accuracy, grammar and clarity. A demonstration of effort is the driving force of this assignment. Assignments will be compared to discern levels of effort and excellence.
Data Collection:
You may use Statistics Canada, FRED, or any other reliable data source of your choice.
A list of data sources is posted in D2L in the Course Content section.
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