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The purpose of this assessment is for student demonstrate the critical application of professional ethics and ethical decision making in relationship to their practice on...

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The purpose of this assessment is for student demonstrate the critical application of professional ethics and ethical decision making in relationship to their practice on placement.


Student will identify and describe an ethical dilemma on placement. They will demonstrate knowledge of social work ethical principles, the AASW Code of Ethics and ethical decision-making processes. They will identify specific area of the AASW Code of Ethics and their application to the case study from placement.

Please note the assignment needs to talk about a placement of social work done in a psychology clinic organisation.The placement was done in a clinic setting, Managing clients on one to one sessions, clients for different backgrounds and the use of interpreting services were usually needed. Dealing with stakeholders as centrelink, Jobs victoria,etc.

Please make sure to include in text references and reference list
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Dipali answered on Sep 05 2023
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Table of contents
Introduction    3
Ethical Dilemma Description    3
Relevant AASW Code of Ethics    5
Ethical Decision-Making Process    7
Conclusion    9
References    12
In this report, an ethical conundrum experienced while interning as a social worker in a psychological clinic is discussed. Giving one-on-one sessions to clients from various backgrounds throughout the placement sometimes required the use of translating services. The placement also included weekly interactions with a variety of stakeholders, including Centrelink and Jobs Victoria. The study will emphasise the applicable ethical concepts and the ethical decision-making process, with a focus on those included in the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) Code of Ethics.
Ethical Dilemma Description
The ethical conundrum that developed during my social work internship at a psychiatry clinic was complex and morally contentious (Dachner et al., 2021). It was centred on a Mr. Smith, a customer, whose experiences and background posed a difficult circumstance that required careful ethical analysis.
· Client Background: Mr. Smith was an asylum seeker who came to Australia looking for safety after leaving a nation that had seen several conflicts and bloodshed. He had undergone substantial trauma and stress because of his difficult and perilous voyage to Australia. He went to the psychology clinic for counselling to deal with the mental health problems that had resulted from his experiences.
· Language and Communication Ba
iers: Mr. Smith's weak command of the English language was one of the main issues in his case. His primary language was not English, which frequently made it difficult for him to communicate clearly during counselling sessions. To solve this, we frequently hired interpreters to make it easier for Mr. Smith and I to communicate.
· Fear of Immigration Implications: When Mr. Smith expressed his wo
ies during a counselling session, the core of the moral conundrum became clear. He indicated severe reluctance to provide certain private details throughout our meetings. He had reason to be afraid since he thought the information he disclosed in counselling may jeopardise his shaky immigration status in Australia. He was unsure of the possible repercussions of disclosing certain personal experiences and feelings.
Ethical Questions Arise:
This situation posed several ethical questions:
· Confidentiality vs. Duty to Warn: Keeping tight secrecy in the counselling process in line with the ethical duty to take action if the client's safety or the safety of others is in danger (Ali, Mahmood & Mehreen, 2019).
· Client Autonomy and Informed Consent: Making sure Mr. Smith had enough knowledge to make judgements while respecting his autonomy to decide what information to divulge and how it would affect him.
· Cultural Competence: Using cultural sensitivity to comprehend Mr. Smith's viewpoint as an asylum seeker with particular wo
ies related to his immigration status.
· Legal and Moral Dimensions: The moral and legal implications related to those requesting refuge further exace
ate the ethical conundrum. A difficult ethical tightrope has to be walked in order to balance the client's right to secrecy with prospective legal requirements and moral commitments.
I had to make decisions based on the values and principles stated in the AASW Code of Ethics in order to resolve this moral conundrum. The client's wellness was given first priority, along with respect for his rights and dignity, and cultural competency was used throughout (Nasri et al., 2022). In order to address Mr. Smith's concerns and respect the ethical standards expected of a social work practitioner, the scenario required a careful, nuanced, and client-cantered response. This moral conundrum served as a significant teaching opportunity, highlighting the difficulties of real-world social work practise and the significance of moral judgement in the profession. I will describe how these ethical guidelines were used to confront the challenge and the methods taken to effectively resolve it in the next sections of this report.
Relevant AASW Code of Ethics
I drew on numerous fundamental ideas from the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) Code of Ethics in order to resolve the moral conundrum that arose during my social work internship in a psychology clinic. These values gave me a foundation for making moral choices and directed how I handled Mr. Smith's complicated predicament. I will go into more detail about the specific AASW Code of Ethics rules that applied to this situation below:
· Prioritizing the Wellbeing of Clients: This idea highlights the critical relevance of social workers' dedication to advancing their clients' wellness (Jehanzeb, 2020). In Mr. Smith's situation, it was morally necessary to protect his emotional and mental...

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