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The Portfolio has 5 Parts or 5 Content Requirements:
1) Professional Interview
2) Cu
ent News
3) Real World Connections
4) Personal Intent Statements
5) Leadership Quotes
Please read carefully and understand! if you have questions, let me know.
Portfolio            /40 
**This assignment is worth 15% of your final mark**   
Portfolio Format
You may organize your Portfolio in one of the following methods:
· A word-processed document in business report style.
· An electronic presentation (e.g., MS. PowerPoint, Google Slides)
Your Portfolio must have  a  simple cover page with your Last Name, First Name, course name, teacher’s name, and the date. (Please don’t do this part, I will do it myself). Do The second page which will be a Table of Contents and after that the Content Portfolio Requirements which has 5 parts and which are: Professional Interview, Cu
ent News, Real Word Connections, Personal Intent Statements and Leadership Quotes. Thank you.
Submit your completed Portfolio file to BRIGHTSPACE, Assignments.
Content Portfolio Requirements:
1. Professional Interview                        /15
You will interview someone cu
ently in a managerial role within any organization. You will create at least five relevant and insightful questions to ask this manager. The goal of your questions is to obtain responses that relate to some elements of our course content and your knowledge of managerial best practices, e.g., the 4 Functions of Management: Leading, Planning, Controlling and Organizing.
Please note that an in-person, phone, or email communication interview are all relevant options here. Your goal is to report on the outcome of the interview, and responses to your questions:
· Identify the manager by name, and note their job title. Also include the interview date and the person’s contact details.
· List all of your interview questions and share the manager’s responses. You may wish to summarize their responses.
· The goal of your questions is to obtain responses that relate to some elements of our course content and your knowledge of managerial best practices. For example:
· The four functions of management (leading, planning, controlling, organizing)
· Workplace environments/alternative work a
· Ethics/CSR
· Leadership characteristics and strategies
· Levels of management and theories
· Motivation and rewards
· Effective communication and communication techniques
· Organization structures
· Human Resources
· Planning Process and Problem Solving
· Organizational strategy
· Control Systems
· Teamwork and successful collaboration
· Conflict Management and Resolution
· Dealing with change and models of change.
· Include a minimum three-paragraph analysis of the interview and attempt to make direct and clear connections to some elements of our course content and your learning throughout.
2. Cu
ent News                                    /5
You will need to find two cu
ent (published within the last year) news articles that have some connection to course content and learning. For each article:
· Provide the article reference - author, title, date, and source. If a web source, share the direct link to the article as well.
· Include a one-page summary/analysis for each article:
· Briefly summarize the article.
· In several paragraphs, identify links to course content/learning. Why is the article relevant and how does it relate to some element of course learning? How does this article help construct your vision of business leadership as learned in the course?
3. Real-World Connections                            /5
You will make at least one course content/learning connection to an online video source (example: TEDTalk video or other) of your selection. You will:
· Identify the online video and
iefly explain the topic, and provide some insight into the speaker.
· Provide a minimum three-paragraph summary and analysis of the connection between the online video and the content/learning in this course.
· Create a rating scale that discusses whether you would, or would not suggest this online video as a valuable resource for someone studying BOH4M.  Explain why or why not.
4. Personal Intent Statement                        /10
You will create a personal intent statement. This is a several-paragraph statement that quickly captures your abilities and where you are heading in your life.  Your statement should include and make reference to:
· Your personal strengths and advantages.
· Identify areas for growth - weaknesses.
· A
ief reflection on jobs you see yourself doing in the future.
5. Leadership Quotes                                /4
Locate three leadership quotes from a real cu
ent or former organizational leader and You will:
· Identify the leader’s name and share the quote.
· Explain why the quote is important and how it resonates with you.
· Make connections to some element of course content/theory in a meaningful way (at least one written paragraph for each quote).
6. Resources                                    /1
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Parul answered on Jan 25 2024
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Task 1 - Professional Interview
Interview with Kevin Roggers, HR People and Operations Director
Date: January 24, 2024
Question: Might you at any point share a model from your experience where powerful a
anging assumed an essential part in accomplishing hierarchical objectives?
Kevin Roggers: Certainly. One prominent model was during a time of extension where we expected to open numerous new
anches. A
anging included statistical surveying, asset portion, and an itemized timetable. By fastidiously a
anging each step, we guaranteed a smooth extension process, streamlined asset use, and met our objectives inside the set time period.
2. Question: If you want to effectively build and lead large teams, how do you approach the organizing function?
Kevin Roggers: Getting sorted out is about construction and a
angement. I've made progress in characterizing clear jobs and obligations, cultivating cooperation, and laying out productive co
espondence channels. Building serious areas of strength for a design guarantees everybody grasps their commitment, prompting better generally speaking group execution.
3. Question: You would say, which job does compelling co
espondence play in overseeing different groups, particularly in a worldwide setting?
Kevin Roggers: Co
espondence is central, particularly in a different setting. Standard and straightforward co
espondence helps span social holes, lessens e
ors, and encourages a feeling of consideration. Utilizing innovation for virtual groups is critical, guaranteeing everybody is in total agreement paying little mind to geological areas.
4. Question: How would you move toward inspiration and awards to upgrade representative commitment and execution?
Kevin Roggers: Motivation is individual and varies from person to person. Recognizing accomplishments, providing opportunities for development, and aligning individual goals with organizational goals can be effective motivators, according to my experience. Fitting prizes to match representatives' inclinations and recognizing their endeavors decidedly influences commitment and execution.
5. Question: Could you at any point share bits of knowledge on how you incorporate moral contemplations and corporate social obligation (CSR) into your dynamic cycles?
Kevin Roggers: Morals and CSR are fundamental to capable administration. In direction, I think about the expected effect on partners, including workers, clients, and the local area. We effectively take part in CSR drives lined up with our qualities. Maintaining moral guidelines constructs trust as well as adds to the drawn out supportability of the association.
In general, the meeting with Kevin Roggers gave important bits of knowledge into the viable use of administrative prescribed procedures, including a
anging, sorting out, compelling co
espondence, inspiration, and moral contemplations. His
oad experience and smart reactions displayed an all encompassing way to deal with initiative and the executives.
Task 2: Cu
ent News – Developing executive presence in this evolving world
Article 1: "Executive Presence Traits You Can Implement Today"
Reference: Juliette Han, P. (2024) Executive presence traits you can implement today, Fo
es. Available at: https: (Accessed: 25 January 2024).
Author: Juliette Han
Title: Executive Presence Traits You Can Implement Today
Date: January 21, 2024

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