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The FINAL EXAM PROJECT will challenge your critical thinking skills and creativity. Worth 200 points. There is NO sample solution will be included and there are NO student data files!!!! You have to...

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The FINAL EXAM PROJECT will challenge your critical thinking skills and creativity.
Worth 200 points.
There is NO sample solution will be included and there are NO student data files!!!! You
have to use your critical thinking skills and creativity.
There are 3 project options on the next pages. Then you will choose 2 project options to
complete for your Final Exam, simply attach both completed assignments within
Blackboard. That’s right you only complete 2 of the 3 projects! It’s your choice!
I highly suggest you print each set of instructions off and read them carefully. Then
decide which 2 project options you want to tackle. As you can tell from the below
grading matrix you will be graded as Professional Quality, Approaching Professional
Quality and Needs Quality Improvements.
Your goal should be Professional Quality.

Your completed project is of
Professional Quality if you:
Your completed project is
Approaching Professional
Quality if you:
Your completed project Needs
Quality Improvements if you:
point range for each
section 50-38 points possible 37-13 points possible 13-0 points possible
Choose and apply the most
appropriate skills, tools, and
features and identify efficient
methods to solve the problem.
Choose and apply some
appropriate skills, tools, and
features, but not in the most
efficient manner.
Choose inappropriate skills,
tools, or features, or are
inefficient in solving the problem.
Construct a solution that is clear
and well organized, contains
content that is accurate,
appropriate to the audience and
purpose, and is complete.
Provide a solution that contains
no e
ors of spelling, grammar, or
Construct a solution in which
some components are unclear,
poorly organized, inconsistent, or
incomplete. Misjudge the needs
of the audience. Have some
ors in spelling, grammar, or
style, but the e
ors do not
detract from comprehension.
Construct a solution that is
unclear, incomplete, or poorly
organized; contains some
inaccurate or inappropriate
content; and contains many
ors of spelling, grammar, or
style. Do not solve the problem.
3-Format and
Format and a
ange all elements
to communicate information and
ideas, clarify function, illustrate
elationships, and indicate
elative importance.
Apply appropriate format and
layout features to some
elements, but not others.
Overuse features, causing minor
Apply format and layout that
does not communicate
information or ideas clearly. Do
not use format and layout
features to clarify function,
illustrate relationships, or
indicate relative importance. Use
available features excessively,
causing distraction.
Use an organized approach that
integrates planning,
development, self-assessment,
evision, and reflection.
Demonstrate an organized
approach in some areas, but not
others; or, use an insufficient
process of organization
Do not use an organized
approach to solve the problem.
Final Exam Project Option1: Influenza Report
For this final exam project option 1 you will need the following file:
New blank Word document
You will save your document as:
As part of the ongoing research conducted by University Medical Center in the area of community
health and contagious diseases, Dr. Hillary Kim has asked YOU to create a report on influenza-how it
spreads, and how it can be prevented in the community.
Create a new Word document and save it as Lastname_Firstname_FinalExam_Option_1. Conduct your
esearch and then create the repot in MLA format. The report should include at least two footnotes, at
least two citations, and should include a Works Cited page.
The report should contain an introduction, and the information about what influenza is, how it spreads,
and how it can be prevented. A good place to start is at https: and
search for influenza.
Add the file name to the footer. Add appropriate information to the Documents Properties and submit
as Lastname_Firstname_FinalExam_Option_1.
Good Luck!
Final Exam Project Option 2: Employment
For this final exam project option 1 you will need the following file:
New blank Excel document
You will save your document as:
Sandy Ingram, the Director of the Employment Development Department for the city of Pacifica Bay, has
equested an analysis of employment sectors in the city. Employment data for the previous two years is
listed below:
Job Sector 2015 Employment 2016 Employment
Government 1,795 1,524
Healthcare 2,832 2,952
Retail 2,524 2,480
Food Service 3,961 3,753
Industrial 1,477 1,595
Professional 2,515 2,802
Create a workbook to provide Sandy with the employment information for each sector and the total
employment for each year. Insert a column to calculate the percent change from 2015 to 2016. Note
that some of the results will be negative numbers. Format the percentages with two decimal places.
Insert a pie chart in its own sheet that illustrates the 2016 employment figures, and format the chart
attractively. Format the worksheet so that it is professional and easy to read and understand. Insert a
footer with the file name and add appropriate document properties. Save the file as
Lastname_Firstname_FinalExam_Option_2 and attach this file to the Blackboard Final Exam page.
Final Exam Project Option 3: Animal Sanctuary
For this final exam project option 1 you will need the following file:
New blank PowerPoint document
You will save your document as:
The Pacifica Bay Animal Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization, provides shelter and care for animals in
need, including dogs, cats, hamsters, and guinea pigs. The sanctuary, which cele
ate its tenth
anniversary in July, has cared for more than 12,000 animals since it opened and is a state-of-the-art
facility. Funding for the sanctuary comes in the form of business sponsorships, individual donations, and
pet adoption fees. The following table indicates revenue generated by the sanctuary during the past
three years.
Fees Donations Sponsorships
XXXXXXXXXX,085 215,380 175,684
XXXXXXXXXX,680 256,785 156,842
XXXXXXXXXX,455 314,682 212,648
In addition to shelter services, the sanctuary offers community service and training programs,
veterinarian services, and vaccine clinics. Examples of the services include Canine Obedience classes,
microchipping ($25 fee), and the Healthy Pet Hotline (free). Canine Obedience classes are for puppies
and adult dogs to improve obedience, socialization, and behavior. Classes last two, three, or four
months and cost $150 to $250.
Using the preceding information, create the first five slides of a presentation that the director of a
Pacifica Bay Animal Sanctuary will show at an upcoming pet fair. Apply an appropriate theme and use
slide layouts that will effectively present the content. Include a line chart with the revenue data, a table
with the community service program information, and at least one slide formatted with a dog or cat on
the slide background. Apply styles to the table and chart, and apply animation and slide transitions to
the slides. Use the techniques that you practiced the chapters so that your presentation is professional
and attractive. Save the file as Lastname_Firstname_FinalExam_Option_3 and then insert a header and
footer that includes the date and time updated automatically, the file name in the footer, and the page
number. Add your name, your course number and section number, and the keywords animals, pets to
the properties.
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Pooja answered on May 09 2020
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        Job Sector    2015 Employment    2016 Employment    percent change
        Government    1795    1524    -15.10%
        Healthcare    2832    2952    4.24%
        Retail    2524    2480    -1.74%
        Food Service    3961    3753    -5.25%
        Industrial    1477    1595    7.99%
        Professional    2515    2802    11.41%
Job Sector and Employment for year 2015 &...

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