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The company I am wanting to do this project on is Philips Healthcare. I would need the attached document filled out.

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Capstone Project: Part 3 – External & Internal Analysis Worksheet: Philips Healthcare
External Analysis: PESTEL & Porter’s Five Forces
PESTEL Framework
Porter’s Five Forces Model
Threat of Entry
Power of Suppliers
Power of Buyers
Threat of Substitutes
Rivalry Among Existing Competitors
Internal Analysis
Core Competencies
VRIO Framework
Rare, and costly to
Imitate. And finally, the firm itself must be
Organized to capture the value of the resource.
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Mayuri answered on Apr 26 2023
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Capstone Project: Part 3 – External & Internal Analysis Worksheet: Philips Healthcare
External Analysis: PESTEL & Porter’s Five Forces
PESTEL Framework
· Political: Philips Healthcare is usually operated in most countries of the world. Most countries have their own rules and regulations which the country’s government will be expecting companies to follow very a set of rules that needs to be followed by the companies. For example, the trade war between China and the US has declined the profits made by Phillips Healthcare. Phillips Healthcare exports goods from the US to China and China to the US due to the trade war, and Philips Healthcare’s profits are declining. Certain taxation issues can also affect the company’s overall profitability (Ulubeyli, KAZANCI, Kazaz & Arslan, 2019). There is also a risk of military invasion which can create problems in certain company’s investment in that country.     
· Economic: Economic factors are those factors that create a direct impact on the company’s profitability for example inflation rate change, interest rate, GDP, cu
ent state of the economic scale, or foreign exchange rate. These factors have a direct impact on the company in terms of finances. This can also lead the company to a shutdown mode if these factors are ignored. These factors can be treated as praise or bane for the company. for example, if the interest rate changes at a rapid rate,thecompany will pay more interest than before which will result in a direct decline in profitability. Interest rates would affect how individuals are ready to invest and bo
· Sociocultural: Social factors are those factors that directly impact the company. These social factors can be culture, values, attitudes, beliefs, and the majority of the population that the country holds. For example, in the US, most people have Christianity which means that those products which uplift their belief in their culture will have higher ratings and higher sale value in that particular region.
· Technological: Technology can be one of the factors which can indirectly affect the company. Like Philips is a healthcare company, so it should focus on evolving products which has a lower rate of mistake and have high-efficiency rate. It should invest its...

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