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Task Screenshot sepal_length,sepal_width,petal_length,petal_width,species 7.0 cm,32.0 mm,4.7 cm,1.4 cm,versicolor 6.4 cm,32.0 mm,4.5 cm,1.5 cm,versicolor 6.9 cm,31.0 mm,4.9 cm,1.5 cm,versicolor 5.5...

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Task Screenshot

7.0 cm,32.0 mm,4.7 cm,1.4 cm,versicolo
6.4 cm,32.0 mm,4.5 cm,1.5 cm,versicolo
6.9 cm,31.0 mm,4.9 cm,1.5 cm,versicolo
5.5 cm,23.0 mm,4.0 cm,1.3 cm,versicolo
6.5 cm,28.0 mm,4.6 cm,1.5 cm,versicolo
5.7 cm,28.0 mm,4.5 cm,1.3 cm,versicolo
6.3 cm,33.0 mm,4.7 cm,1.6 cm,versicolo
4.9 cm,24.0 mm,3.3 cm,1.0 cm,versicolo
6.6 cm,29.0 mm,4.6 cm,1.3 cm,versicolo
5.2 cm,27.0 mm,3.9 cm,1.4 cm,versicolo
5.0 cm,,3.5 cm,1.0 cm,versicolo
5.9 cm,30.0 mm,4.2 cm,1.5 cm,versicolo
6.0 cm,22.0 mm,4.0 cm,1.0 cm,versicolo
6.1 cm,29.0 mm,4.7 cm,1.4 cm,versicolo
5.6 cm,29.0 mm,3.6 cm,1.3 cm,versicolo
6.7 cm,31.0 mm,4.4 cm,1.4 cm,versicolo
5.6 cm,30.0 mm,4.5 cm,1.5 cm,versicolo
5.8 cm,27.0 mm,4.1 cm,1.0 cm,versicolo
6.2 cm,22.0 mm,4.5 cm,1.5 cm,versicolo
5.6 cm,25.0 mm,3.9 cm,1.1 cm,versicolo
5.9 cm,32.0 mm,4.8 cm,1.8 cm,versicolo
6.1 cm,28.0 mm,4.0 cm,1.3 cm,versicolo
6.3 cm,25.0 mm,4.9 cm,1.5 cm,versicolo
6.1 cm,28.0 mm,4.7 cm,1.2 cm,versicolo
6.4 cm,29.0 mm,4.3 cm,1.3 cm,versicolo
6.6 cm,30.0 mm,4.4 cm,1.4 cm,versicolo
6.8 cm,28.0 mm,4.8 cm,1.4 cm,versicolo
6.7 cm,30.0 mm,5.0 cm,1.7 cm,versicolo
6.0 cm,29.0 mm,4.5 cm,1.5 cm,versicolo
5.7 cm,26.0 mm,3.5 cm,1.0 cm,versicolo
5.5 cm,24.0 mm,3.8 cm,1.1 cm,versicolo
5.5 cm,24.0 mm,3.7 cm,1.0 cm,versicolo
5.8 cm,27.0 mm,3.9 cm,1.2 cm,versicolo
6.0 cm,27.0 mm,5.1 cm,1.6 cm,versicolo
5.4 cm,30.0 mm,4.5 cm,1.5 cm,versicolo
6.0 cm,34.0 mm,4.5 cm,1.6 cm,versicolo
6.7 cm,31.0 mm,4.7 cm,1.5 cm,versicolo
6.3 cm,23.0 mm,4.4 cm,1.3 cm,versicolo
5.6 cm,30.0 mm,4.1 cm,1.3 cm,versicolo
5.5 cm,25.0 mm,4.0 cm,1.3 cm,versicolo
5.5 cm,26.0 mm,4.4 cm,1.2 cm,versicolo
6.1 cm,30.0 mm,4.6 cm,1.4 cm,versicolo
5.8 cm,26.0 mm,4.0 cm,1.2 cm,versicolo
5.0 cm,23.0 mm,3.3 cm,1.0 cm,versicolo
5.6 cm,27.0 mm,4.2 cm,1.3 cm,versicolo
5.7 cm,30.0 mm,4.2 cm,1.2 cm,versicolo
5.7 cm,29.0 mm,4.2 cm,1.3 cm,versicolo
6.2 cm,29.0 mm,4.3 cm,1.3 cm,versicolo
5.1 cm,25.0 mm,3.0 cm,1.1 cm,versicolo
5.7 cm,28.0 mm,4.1 cm,1.3 cm,versicolo
6.3 cm,33.0 mm,6.0 cm,2.5 cm,virginica
5.8 cm,27.0 mm,5.1 cm,1.9 cm,virginica
7.1 cm,30.0 mm,5.9 cm,2.1 cm,virginica
6.3 cm,29.0 mm,5.6 cm,1.8 cm,virginica
6.5 cm,30.0 mm,5.8 cm,2.2 cm,virginica
7.6 cm,30.0 mm,6.6 cm,2.1 cm,virginica
4.9 cm,25.0 mm,4.5 cm,1.7 cm,virginica
7.3 cm,29.0 mm,6.3 cm,1.8 cm,virginica
6.7 cm,25.0 mm,5.8 cm,1.8 cm,virginica
7.2 cm,36.0 mm,6.1 cm,2.5 cm,virginica
6.5 cm,32.0 mm,5.1 cm,2.0 cm,virginica
6.4 cm,27.0 mm,5.3 cm,1.9 cm,virginica
6.8 cm,30.0 mm,5.5 cm,2.1 cm,virginica
5.7 cm,25.0 mm,5.0 cm,2.0 cm,virginica
5.8 cm,28.0 mm,5.1 cm,2.4 cm,virginica
6.4 cm,32.0 mm,5.3 cm,2.3 cm,virginica
6.5 cm,30.0 mm,5.5 cm,1.8 cm,virginica
7.7 cm,38.0 mm,6.7 cm,2.2 cm,virginica
7.7 cm,26.0 mm,6.9 cm,2.3 cm,virginica
6.0 cm,22.0 mm,5.0 cm,1.5 cm,virginica
6.9 cm,32.0 mm,5.7 cm,2.3 cm,virginica
5.6 cm,28.0 mm,4.9 cm,2.0 cm,virginica
7.7 cm,28.0 mm,6.7 cm,2.0 cm,virginica
6.3 cm,27.0 mm,4.9 cm,1.8 cm,virginica
6.7 cm,33.0 mm,5.7 cm,2.1 cm,virginica
7.2 cm,32.0 mm,6.0 cm,1.8 cm,virginica
6.2 cm,28.0 mm,4.8 cm,1.8 cm,virginica
6.1 cm,30.0 mm,4.9 cm,1.8 cm,virginica
6.4 cm,28.0 mm,5.6 cm,2.1 cm,virginica
7.2 cm,30.0 mm,5.8 cm,1.6 cm,virginica
7.4 cm,28.0 mm,6.1 cm,1.9 cm,virginica
7.9 cm,38.0 mm,6.4 cm,2.0 cm,virginica
6.4 cm,28.0 mm,5.6 cm,2.2 cm,virginica
6.3 cm,28.0 mm,5.1 cm,1.5 cm,virginica
6.1 cm,26.0 mm,5.6 cm,1.4 cm,virginica
7.7 cm,30.0 mm,6.1 cm,2.3 cm,virginica
6.3 cm,34.0 mm,5.6 cm,2.4 cm,virginica
6.4 cm,31.0 mm,5.5 cm,1.8 cm,virginica
6.0 cm,30.0 mm,4.8 cm,1.8 cm,virginica
6.9 cm,31.0 mm,5.4 cm,2.1 cm,virginica
6.7 cm,31.0 mm,5.6 cm,2.4 cm,virginica
6.9 cm,31.0 mm,5.1 cm,2.3 cm,virginica
5.8 cm,27.0 mm,5.1 cm,1.9 cm,virginica
6.8 cm,32.0 mm,5.9 cm,2.3 cm,virginica
6.7 cm,33.0 mm,5.7 cm,2.5 cm,virginica
6.7 cm,30.0 mm,5.2 cm,2.3 cm,virginica
6.3 cm,25.0 mm,5.0 cm,1.9 cm,virginica
6.5 cm,30.0 mm,5.2 cm,2.0 cm,virginica
6.2 cm,34.0 mm,5.4 cm,2.3 cm,virginica
5.9 cm,30.0 mm,5.1 cm,1.8 cm,virginica

5.1 cm,35.0 mm,1.4 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
4.9 cm,30.0 mm,1.4 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
4.7 cm,32.0 mm,1.3 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
4.6 cm,31.0 mm,1.5 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
5.0 cm,36.0 mm,1.4 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
5.4 cm,39.0 mm,1.7 cm,0.4 cm,setosa
4.6 cm,34.0 mm,1.4 cm,0.3 cm,setosa
5.0 cm,34.0 mm,1.5 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
4.4 cm,29.0 mm,1.4 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
4.9 cm,31.0 mm,1.5 cm,0.1 cm,setosa
5.4 cm,37.0 mm,1.5 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
4.8 cm,34.0 mm,1.6 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
4.8 cm,30.0 mm,1.4 cm,0.1 cm,setosa
4.3 cm,30.0 mm,1.1 cm,0.1 cm,setosa
5.8 cm,40.0 mm,1.2 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
5.7 cm,44.0 mm,1.5 cm,0.4 cm,setosa
5.4 cm,39.0 mm,1.3 cm,0.4 cm,setosa
5.1 cm,35.0 mm,1.4 cm,0.3 cm,setosa
5.7 cm,38.0 mm,1.7 cm,0.3 cm,setosa
5.1 cm,38.0 mm,1.5 cm,0.3 cm,setosa
5.4 cm,34.0 mm,1.7 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
5.1 cm,37.0 mm,1.5 cm,0.4 cm,setosa
4.6 cm,36.0 mm,1.0 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
5.1 cm,33.0 mm,1.7 cm,0.5 cm,setosa
4.8 cm,34.0 mm,1.9 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
5.0 cm,30.0 mm,1.6 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
5.0 cm,34.0 mm,1.6 cm,0.4 cm,setosa
5.2 cm,35.0 mm,1.5 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
5.2 cm,34.0 mm,1.4 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
4.7 cm,32.0 mm,1.6 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
4.8 cm,31.0 mm,1.6 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
5.4 cm,34.0 mm,1.5 cm,0.4 cm,setosa
5.2 cm,41.0 mm,1.5 cm,0.1 cm,setosa
5.5 cm,42.0 mm,1.4 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
4.9 cm,31.0 mm,1.5 cm,0.1 cm,setosa
5.0 cm,32.0 mm,1.2 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
5.5 cm,35.0 mm,1.3 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
4.9 cm,31.0 mm,1.5 cm,0.1 cm,setosa
4.4 cm,30.0 mm,1.3 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
5.1 cm,34.0 mm,1.5 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
5.0 cm,35.0 mm,1.3 cm,0.3 cm,setosa
4.5 cm,23.0 mm,1.3 cm,0.3 cm,setosa
4.4 cm,32.0 mm,1.3 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
5.0 cm,35.0 mm,1.6 cm,0.6 cm,setosa
5.1 cm,38.0 mm,1.9 cm,0.4 cm,setosa
4.8 cm,30.0 mm,1.4 cm,0.3 cm,setosa
5.1 cm,38.0 mm,1.6 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
4.6 cm,32.0 mm,1.4 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
5.3 cm,37.0 mm,1.5 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
5.0 cm,33.0 mm,1.4 cm,0.2 cm,setosa
7.0 cm,32.0 mm,4.7 cm,1.4 cm,versicolo
6.4 cm,32.0 mm,4.5 cm,1.5 cm,versicolo
6.9 cm,31.0 mm,4.9 cm,1
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Yogesh answered on Aug 10 2021
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import pandas as pd
# import for graphical data plotting
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# for "pairplot" & "PairGrid"
import seaborn as sns
# Stage 1: Read and process the data
def read_and_process(file):
    # read csv file & load as Dataframe
    df = pd.read_csv(file)
    # drop empty rows
    df = df.dropna(how = "all")
    # strip cm & mm from each column & convert data_type to float
    df["sepal_length"] = df["sepal_length"].str.replace("\scm", "").astype(float)
    df["sepal_width"] = df["sepal_width"].str.replace("\smm", "").astype(float)
    df["petal_length"] = df["petal_length"].str.replace("\scm", "").astype(float)
    df["petal_width"] = df["petal_width"].str.replace("\scm", "").astype(float)
    # devide sepal_width by 10
    df["sepal_width"] /= 10
    return df
# Stage 5: Conculsion
def conclusion():
# Return the two (non-species) categories that best identify the species of iris
# Your code here
### by observing graph it can be seen that "petal_length" & "petal_width" are two characteristics which effectively separate the species
    result = ("petal_length", "petal_width",)
    return result

# User Menu Function
def start_menu():
    print("1. Create textual...

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