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Part I(in short): The improve your skills exercise is on page 116 in second edition. Simply rate each statement from 1 to 5, 1 meaning that you strongly disagree, and 5 that you strongly agree, then...

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Part I(in short):
The improve your skills exercise is on page 116 in second edition. Simply rate each statement from 1 to 5, 1 meaning that you strongly disagree, and 5 that you strongly agree, then add up your responses for statements 1-12 to get your score for discovery learning, 13-17 to get your score for group learning, 18-27 to get your score for experiential learning, 28-36 to get your score for structured learning, and 37-45 to get your score for observational learning. Your highest two scores are your prefe
ed learning styles. 
Hint :Improve Your Skills Feature: What is Your Learning Style?
Annette Towler and Robert Dipboye’s learning style orientation measure identifies prefe
ed learning and instructional methods. Understanding your learning style will help you to choose development and learning opportunities.
Interpretation: Identify your highest two scores—these are your prefe
ed learning styles. Now read the descriptions to maximize the fit of your learning environment with your learning styles.
●  Experiential learners enjoy jumping straight into a task and putting new acquired knowledge to immediate use.
●  Group learners enjoy learning with others and enjoy learning through group and one-on-one discussions through interpersonal contact.
●  Discovery learners enjoy a
oad range of learning situations, such as interactional lectures and active-reflective activities that allow them to contemplate complex issues.
●  Observational learners tend to be passive learners who need external cues to help them learn.
●  Structured learners rely on their own information-processing strategies to learn, and prefer to impose their own structure on learning.
Part II(everything in short would be fine):
Improving Fit at The Container Store
 The Container Store considers customer service to be so important that it identifies it as the company’s core competency. Maintaining the central role of customer service is challenging as the company continues its growth. One of the core principles is “one equals three,” meaning that one great person is more valuable than three good people.
Read the case in chapter 4 and watch the following videos before answering the questions:
1. What advice would you give The Container Store on how to hire people who fit the
organization ?
2. Would customers make good employees? Explain.
3. Whom should the cotainer store focus on first; the customers or the employees?
4. Would you consider a career with the container store? Why or why not?
Part III( in short):
Strengths-Based Development (read case P93)
Summary:  When drought threatened the survival of Ohio farming co-op Auglaize Provico, CEO La
y Hammond changed the business model. He implemented strengths-based development to leverage the unique strengths and talents of each employee. Hammond hoped that encouraging employees to leverage their innate talents would enable them to drive the business forward.
1.  Do you think it is better to focus on assessing and developing employees’ weaknesses, or to focus on their strengths? Why?
2.  Why would strengths-based development increase employee engagement?
3.  If you were a manager, how might you interact with employees differently if you were using strengths-based development rather than deficit-based development?
Part IV(in short 200 words is good enough):
Attitudes and values in the Workplace
 What is the relationship between:
- learning and performance
- attitudes and career success
- for you personally, what are the top attitudes you should possess to success in the workplace?
- what are the key attributes employers look for when hiring?
Part V:
Respond to the following posts in short.
(I’ll post it once you finish the part above)
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Parul answered on Jul 16 2021
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I appreciate your point of view that hiring the people in the Container Store needs to be well aligned with the values of the company. Like any business customer are critical and essential for the growth of the Store. However, I disagree with your point that Store should focus more on their customers and put them above the employees. This is because customers are external to the business and they will be only attracted towards working in the company if they feel that their employees are valued for their work and recognized for their contribution. Personally, I feel only happy and engaged employees can create happy customers. Employees are the
and image of the company and if they are kept beyond employees then they can never be as engaged and motivated.
Reply to Post2
Indeed, I agree to your suggestion that Container...

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