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Part I: After reading chapter 16, complete the following activities and type your findings: 1. Understand Yourself Feature: How Do You View Money? 2. Review Table 16-1 (P525) and identify which of the...

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Part I:
After reading chapter 16, complete the following activities and type your findings:  
1.                 Understand Yourself Feature: How Do You View Money? 
2.                 Review Table 16-1 (P525) and identify which of the career anchors suit you. 
3.                 Complete the exercise Shown above: do you have a proactive personality? 
4.                 Complete the Improve Your Skills  Global Perspective self-assessment.  p 537.
5.                 How do you define career success?     
6.                 Identify your ideal work –life balance? 
Part II:
The case study in this chapter explores how KPMG instituted a flexible work program to help it meet its business needs while meeting employee needs as well.
Case Study: Flexibility at KPMG
Summary: Accounting firm KPMG wanted to decrease payroll costs while maintaining its  commitment to employees. KPMG gave employees the choice of a four-day workweek at 90 percent of their salary; a sa
atical at 30 percent of their base pay; either or both; or neither. To educate employees about their options, KPMG held conference calls, trained managers, and posted questions and answers on its intranet.
  Discussion points:
1.  How does this program help KPMG?
2.  How does this program help KPMG’s employees?
3.  If you were employed by KPMG, would this program appeal to you? Why or why not?
Part III:
Emotional Intelligence: is an interpersonal capability that includes the ability to perceive and express emotions, to understand and use them, and to manage emotions in oneself and other people.  Complete the emotional intelligence assessment found at this link: http:
After finishing the assessment, answer the following questions:
1. Do you agree with the description of your emotional intelligence?
2. What can you do to further improve your emotional intelligence?
3. How can your answers to questions like these help to predict how effective you would be as a manager?
4. How is emotional intelligence related to motivation?
5. How does emotional intelligence contribute to job performance?
Other emotional intelligence assessments can be found at: http: and http:
Part IV (answer in short):
Individual Differences That Make a Difference at Southwest Airlines (textbook P96)
Summary:  Fun and friendly customer service is essential to the success of Southwest Airlines’ business strategy. The principle of hiring fun people with a creative spirit is central throughout Southwest. Southwest looks for people with other-oriented, outgoing personalities who work hard and have fun at the same time.
What Would You Do?: 
1.  What advice would you give Southwest about hiring flight attendants who fit the culture?
2.  What personality traits should Southwest look for during the hiring process?
Part V:
Respond to the following posts in short.
(I’ll post it once you finish the part above)
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Response post
Post 1
The post talks about the ethical standards it’s importance, two personal experience is na
ated here. This can be taken n as an example yet the post lack is truly defining the need of the ethical standards. The first company the author did the internship was a modern company and had new thinking and ethical value and compensated the employees with their needs and demand along with better maternity leaves and another facility. The second company the author joined was old school in nature and the employees were treated as a replaceable commodity and even the basic needs were hardly fullied by the company. The author suggests the Deming’s principle for transformation as a way of having successful ethical principles in place.
Post 2
The post talks about the importance of ethics in the business and among the employees. It suggests that ethics must be in place in all type...

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