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Part I(in short): Read the case in chapter 6, page 192 and answer the following questions. Use examples of other mergers good or bad. Case Study: Regaining Trust after a Merger Summary: When US...

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Part I(in short):
Read the case in chapter 6, page 192 and answer the following questions. Use examples of other mergers good or bad.
Case Study: Regaining Trust after a Merge
Summary: When US Airways and America West became US Airways Group, integrating the companies’ very different cultures and regaining employees’ trust were critical to the new company’s survival. “This is a teamwork business,” the CEO says. “You have to have people work together in some sort of team.”
1. If you were an employee at US Airways, what would your main concerns be?                                                                  
2. How could your trust be earned by the company following the merger?
3. What might happen if employees continued to distrust management? Explain why, using what you have learned in this chapter.
Part II(in short):
Many of you have been on a job interview in the past, what suggestions would you give your fellow students to nail it and be called for a second one and hopefully get the job?
Provide a resource (e.g. article, website, video,..etc) that could be used to prepare for a job interview.
Share your experiences good and bad of the DOs and DON'Ts.
Part III(in short):
Understand Yourself Feature:  What Motivates You? 
Self assessment is on page 215 
For each of fifteen statements, students circle the number that most closely agrees with their feelings. They consider their answers in the context of their cu
ent job or past work experience.
Scoring: Students record their scores and add up each column to learn their achievement, power, and affiliation scores. They ask themselves how their motivations will influence the way that they lead or will lead?
Part IV(answer in short):
Summary: With 250,000 employees in 19 countries, Aramark wanted to motivate its employees who clean airplanes for Delta and Southwest Airlines. Turnover of the low-paid, largely immigrant staff was high while morale was low. Wallets and other valuables left on planes disappeared.
After 5 years of efforts to increase motivation, revenue rose from $5 million to $14 million.
1.   What motivation theories apply to the workers at Aramark?          
2.  If you were the manager of these employees, what would you do to motivate them? Be honest regarding your personal management style and beliefs rather than trying to be like Roy Pelaez.
3.   What are some possible ba
iers to the effectiveness of your motivation ideas? What could you do to overcome them?
Part V:
Respond to the following posts in short.
(I’ll post it once you finish the part above)
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Post 1
As the writer states it is crucial to have adequate confidence while appearing for an interview show that one can show their existing skills sets. This will allow the employer to gain confidence on the applicant. Further, the inputs that have been provided by the writer based on his personal experience was highly insightful as it strengthens the Dos and Don’ts that has been shared by the writer based on his personal experience.
Post 2
I can understand why the writer has mentioned the candidate of the interview to come prepared with a set of few questions before interview as there are stages when the employers...

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