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Task Task Investigate the effectiveness of business information systems of the given case study. To do this, you are required to submit a complete report which includes a system vision document,...

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Investigate the effectiveness of business information systems of the given case study. To do this, you are required to submit a complete report which includes a system vision document, resources required, stakeholder map and the broad feasibility of the project (i.e., risks).

Choose one of the case studies from the Interact2 Resources Section (which will be availbe prior to the start of the term) and use the case study to complete assessment item 1, assessment item 2, and assessment item 3.


This assessment tasks covers the fundamental concepts of object oriented analysis, relationship between analysis and designand activities of SDLC. More specifically it assess your ability to
• Explain the concepts of object orientation methodology (Learning outcome 1);
• Describe the activities in each phase of the system development life cycle. (Learning Outcome 2)

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Shikha answered on Mar 21 2020
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Assessment – 1        2
Business Information System
(Car Parking System)
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Data is considered as the principle as well as foundational in administrative decision- making process in all associations. The adjustments in its environmental factors, the development as well as the advancement that occu
ed in the car parking associations, and the multifaceted nature of the issues they confronted, expanded the requirement for the methods for gathering and preparing the huge information, which was hard to manage by customary means. This was made simple because of the advanced innovative insurgency that prompted implies that have encouraged as well as quickened the data processing of those information and their auspicious delivery for making effective decision making in an organization. The procedure of administrative decision-making depends fundamentally on the data framework which is used to accumulate and process data in a logical way. The more solid as well as convenient the data is the more right and useful the choice is. Thus, there ought to be an incorporated data framework that gives the association the present and future information helping in rectify administrative decision-making process. (Fly, 2017).
According to given case study, Collin's Parking system works in twenty car park areas in Melbourne CBD. The city administration has a prerequisite for another and creative framework to control its processes for car parking. The new framework ought to hence be capable to handle its daily activities for every car park and that includes - generation of parking tickets (which can be daily, monthly or yearly), accepting tickets, handling payments, control boom gates, record issues in a log book, and to oversee security. In this paper, we will discuss about effectiveness of information system which needs to be implemented for car parking to control all processes.
System Vision
Vision based traffic monitoring framework have the advantage that one sensor can be utilized for different e
ands like vehicle recognition, to measure density of traffic, measuring traffic speed, recognizing license plate on a vehicle or it may check any pedestrian etc. Vision sensors can be utilized for observation purposes. (Idris & Leng, 2009).
The main problem in previous system is to control the traffic. Commuter has to check where he can park his car according to vacant space. He had to search the places for car parking. But according to new system, he can online check the availability of space vacant in car parking area.
System Capabilities
The parking area is outfitted with vision sensors for the purpose of observation, and if any surprising activity is identified like a youngster or pet that was overlooked in the back seat of the car, the stopping frameworks will caution the client and decline to work until the point that the risky condition is resolved. Vision based parking framework will empower the reconnaissance of an entire parking area and can also check for...

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