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Task DescriptionYou are interviewed by Southern Cross University for a position of cybersecurityconsultant to work in a university's cybersecurity program. As part of the interview, youare required to...

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Task DescriptionYou are interviewed by Southern Cross University for a position of cybersecurityconsultant to work in a university's cybersecurity program. As part of the interview, youare required to complete the following tasks: Task 1: discuss why risk assessment is the most critical step in developing andmanaging cyber security in the university and identify the limitations of the currentrisk assessment methods. Task 2: develop five questions that allow you to identify the most criticalinformation assets of the university. Create a WFA template to rank the assets. Task 3: identify the top five threats to the university information assets. Supportyou finding by quoting reputable sources of information. Task 4: let's assume that the university website is one of the most criticalinformation asset of the university. Discuss how the top five threats could/couldnot impact the asset. Rank the threats based on their levels of impact on the asset.Support your discussion by quoting reputable sources of information.Assignment-1 guidelineTask 1: The importance of risk assessmentTo complete this task, use the following questions to guide your discussion: What is risk assessment? What do you know by performing cybersecurity risk assessment?CMP71001 – Cybersecurity Assignment-1, 20182 What do you think is difficult for you to do/obtain in the risk assessment process? How risk assessment results are used to develop and manage cybersecurity andhow they can affect the business decision making process?Task 2: Critical asset identificationTo complete this task, use the following questions to guide your thought: What is an information asset? What make an information asset critical? What can be included in WFA to classify the university information assets?Task 3: Threat identificationTo complete this task, use the following guidelines: Clearly understand the difference between important security concepts includingthreats, hazards, attacks and incidents. Search for security threat, incident and trend reports and use the results fromreputable sources such as government organisations and security companies. Identify relevant threats by studying statistics and figures found in the reports. Summarize each threat, threat agent, method of delivery and working mechanismTask 4: Threat assessmentTo complete this task, use the following guidelines: Identify potential weaknesses (vulnerabilities) of the asset based on threeinformation security components: confidentiality, integrity and availability. Study the working mechanism of each threat to assess the potential impact of thethreat on the asset by exploiting the vulnerabilities. Use your own and publicdomain knowledge to help you with the impact assessment.Format and PresentationYou are recommended to present the assignment in a standard report format with the titlepage that details your name, student-id, unit, course and date/time information. You willalso provide a TOC page for the navigation. There is no report template to be used in thisassignment so you can design your own template or refer to online resources. However, thereport should be well presented with clear headings, titles and subtitles.Assignment-1 Marking RubricA spreadsheet that will be used for the marking of your site is provided (co-located withthis assignment specification) on MySCU to itemise exactly what tutors will be looking atin relation to marking your assignment. It contains a detailed breakdown of the markingcriteria for this assignment. I strongly suggest you peruse this spreadsheet.
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The aim of the report is to present information about cyber security risks in relation to Southern Cross University. In the following sections of the report, there are information about the importance of risk assessment to develop a cyber security management for the university, finding the critical assets using the WFA template, identification of threat to those assets and the impact of those threats on the assets of the university.
Task 1
Risks are inevitable. The Southern Cross University uses various information systems and communication channels to connect the students, staffs, teachers and other stakeholders connected with each other and to share knowledge seamlessly. Hence, information systems and networks are common and key element of the business process. So, protecting the data of the students, staffs, operations of the university etc. are important and the university is liable to protect the same (Andress, 2014).
A risk assessment process is a structured approach towards matching risks with suitable risk management strategies. Risk assessment involves risk identification and then analysis of the impacts of the risks. Cu
ently, the university has no adequate security controls and measurements to protect data and information. Hence, it needs to have a detailed cyber security plan that will help to protect data as stored in the system (Whitman & Mattord, 2016).
Risk assessment is important as it helps to identify the risks and the assets and then it helps to take strategies to optimize the losses if the risks occur or to mitigate the risks. It helps to reduce the level of uncertainty with the information and communication infrastructure of the university is vast and there are several machines that are not working properly.
Task 2
The five questions that will help to find out the most critical information assets of the university. The Workforce Administration and Control file stores information about the locations, risks, connections with other risk and so on. The assets are listed below.
    Associated Risks
    Data about the students, staffs, and business...

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