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School of Business and Tourism Unit Network Management Unit code CSC73002 Assignment 1 Network configuration management Mode Individual assignment Due Date 10 Aug XXXXXXXXXX:00 PM Learning Outcomes...

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School of Business and Tourism

Unit Network Management
Unit code CSC73002
Assignment 1 Network configuration management
Mode Individual assignment
Due Date 10 Aug XXXXXXXXXX:00 PM
Outcomes LO1
Attributes GA4
Weight 30% of overall unit assessment
Suggestion This assignment is developmental and cumulative. You are strongly advised
to start doing this assignment from Week-3 in your study. Leaving your
starting date to the week before the due date is a very poor strategy for
success in the unit. Follow the provided marking guidelines to help you
successfully direct your efforts.
Task Description
Imagine that you have been employed by XYZ Corporation as a junior network
administrator. As part of your duty, you are requested to configure and manage a network
lab to perform tests on before they are deployed to the real network. The network lab
imitates a typical enterprise network with the Headquarter and two
anches connected
over the Internet. The high-level logical topology of the network is given in Figure 1 and
the physical layout of the offices is given in Figure 2.
To study the network before the actual deployment, you will use a network simulator to
complete the following tasks:
• Task 1: Network simulation. In this task, you will create the network in a simulator
from its logical topology and perform all necessary configurations for the network
devices to make the network operational. Verify the network connectivity.
• Task 2: Configuration management. In this task, you will document the network
configurations following the network configuration management practice.
Simulation Software:
The organisation has 2 (two) enterprise network simulators that you may choose from.
1. eNSP Huawei Network simulator
2. Cisco Packet Tracer.
CSC73002 – Network Management Assignment-1, 2020
Figure 1 High-level logical network topology.
Figure 2 The
anch physical layouts
CSC73002 – Network Management Assignment-1, 2020
Assignment-1 marking guidelines
The following are the major assessment criteria of this assignment
Task 1: Network simulation
• Physical network topology
o Suitable hardware configuration
o Suitable link technologies
o Co
ect physical topology with sufficient notation
• Device configuration
o Co
ect IP addressing scheme.
o Co
ect basic administrative configuration i.e. device name, time zone,
clock and device access control.
o Co
ect interface configuration i.e. interface IP address and status.
• Internetwork routing configuration
o Co
ect configuration of either static routing, RIP or OSPF.
o Evidence of the network connectivity verification
Task 2: Network configuration management
• Document network physical and logical topology with sufficient notation
• Document network inventory i.e. detailed network hardware and software
• Document cu
ent configurations of each device in the network
• Configuration change management
Format and Presentation
Task 1: You are required to record a short video clip (5 min max) to explain your task 1.
In the video, you will:
• Provide your details e.g. your name, student id, year and the unit you are studying
• Explain your implementation of the network on eNSP i.e. talk about your selection
of the network hardware, link technologies as well as the device configuration.
• Demonstrate the network connectivity between the Headquarter and the
Finally, publish your video on YouTube. Use the unlisted option if you do not want the
video to be viewed in public.
Copy the link to your video and paste it under the task-1 section of the document template
provided with this assignment.
Task 2: Use the template provided with this assignment for this task.
CSC73002 – Network Management Assignment-1, 2020
Submission Format
You will need to submit at least 2 files.
1. You are required to submit the assignment document in the Word DOC or DOCX or
PDF format. The file will be named using the following convention:
filename = FirstInitialYourLastName_CSC73002_A1.pdf
(i.e. FJones_CSC73002_A1.pdf or FJones_CSC73002_A1.docx)
2. Your network configuration, including the optional configuration files if chosen.
a. You must also submit your simulation network as either an eNSP or
Packet Tracer file.
i. eNSP must be a zip file with all devices configured and saved.
ii. Packet Tracer files must be a PKT file with all devices
configured and saved.
. If you do not put the configuration in the word document you must place
them in text files and attach them in the network configuration zip file.
Original work
It is a University requirement that a student’s work complies with the Academic Policy,
Chapter 4.20 on Student Academic Integrity. It is a student’s responsibility to be familiar
with the Policy.
Failure to comply with the Policy can have severe consequences in the form of University
sanctions. For information on this Policy please refer to Chapter 4.20 on Student Academic
Integrity at the following website:
As part of a University initiative to support the development of academic integrity,
assessments may be checked for plagiarism, including through an electronic system, either
internally or by a plagiarism checking service, and be held for future checking and
matching purposes.
Retain duplicate copy
Before submitting the assignment, you are advised to retain electronic copies of original
work. In the event of any uncertainty regarding the submission of assessment items, you
may be requested to reproduce a final copy.
School Extension Policy
In general, I will NOT give extension unless there are exceptional circumstances. Students
wanting an extension must make a request at least 24 hours before the assessment item is
due and the request must be received in writing at the "Special Consideration" page.
CSC73002 – Network Management Assignment-1, 2020
Extensions within 24 hours of submission or following the submission deadline will not be
granted (unless supported by a doctor’s certificate or where there are exceptional
circumstances – this will be at unit assessor’s discretion and will be considered on a case
y case basis). Extensions will be for a maximum of 48 hours (longer extensions supported
y a doctor’s certificate or alike to be considered on a case by case basis).
A penalty of 5% of the total available grade will accrue for each 24-hour period that an
assessment item is submitted late. Therefore, an assessment item worth 20 marks will have
1 marks deducted for every 24-hour period and at the end of 20 days will receive 0 marks.
Students who fail to submit following the guidelines in this Unit Information Guide will be
deemed to have not submitted the assessment item and the above penalty will be applied
until the specified submission guidelines are followed.
Marks and Feedback
All assessment materials submitted during the semester will normally be marked and
eturned within two weeks of the required date of submission (provided that the assessment
materials have been submitted by the due date).
Marks will be made available to each student via the MySCU Grade book.
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