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take files from the previous order.

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take files from the previous order.
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Anju Lata answered on Mar 20 2020
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1. Nosocomial Infections and Mo
idities related to compliance with the process of treating patients.
2. Reasons for undertaking this research are Trend Identification like
(i) Lack of clinical or client information (posters) in the clinic: The clinic has no informative posters about Measures to prevent infection.
(ii) Lack of awareness in local citizens about causes of infection: Local people in this area do not follow proper sanitary practices like hand wash, toilets, cleanliness of su
oundings, proper disposal of ga
age and hygiene protocols to prevent diseases.
(iii) Outdated nursing practices of staff members: The Clinical staff does not follow advance methods of technology to diagnose and prevent diseases.
3. Statement of Question for research-“Does lack of proper sanitary habits by healthcare workers increases the chances of Hospital Acquired Infections?”
4. Objective - To prevent Hospital Acquired Infections in this area by implementing advanced sanitation practices in healthcare workers.
5. To identify Total Mortality Rate of this area, and the number of deaths occu
ed in last 2 years mainly due to infection. Mortality rate and causes of death can effectively contribute to our data collection in this area.
6. Two sources to be used in this research are from PubMed Central (PMC): https:
Source 1: PubMed
Source 2: PubMed
7. I have used the method of literature reviews and interview surveys in order to gather information that would be helpful to me to answer the research question.
Literature review:
Literature review is analysis and understanding of the text of a scholarly article which includes substantial findings and data, also it includes methodologies and secondary sources for further analysis. Books, theories, research papers and other sources relevant to a particular topic are critically evaluated for a literature review. It will analyze the effectiveness of such methods adopted earlier and will help select us most effective measures to reach our goal without wasting time and efforts.
Interview survey:
Interview survey is a method where a specific target audience is involved. Surveys provide a close observation of on-ground practical methods followed by the healthcare workers and their ongoing impact on the clinical outcomes. In this method, a questionnaire is designed where the responses of the target audience are recorded for analysis and deductions. The interviewer has to be very careful not to include any biases in the interview session.
I have chosen these methods since they give a deeper sense of knowledge and provide insights to our objective. The methods are time-consuming, but they intend to provide deep insights and qualitative data for the research process.
8. The literature research and data collection haven’t been done separately. The research and data have been referenced in the sources provided above. The data undertaken by the research paper authors describe the demographics of the general audience and has been evaluated to be trustworthy. The answers to the given questions are present in the following sections. The analysis of data has been done in question no 11 where the information is
oken down into a number of sections and compared. The sources of data have been given above as follows:
Source1: PubMed
Source2: PubMed
Source3: PubMed
Source4: PubMed
9. Data refers to simple and random facts, which is useless until it is processed, organized and converted into a useful form in a given scenario. This useful form of data is known as Information. The information can be relevant and i
elevant. The relevant piece of information is useful in present scenario and i
elevant information is of no use in the cu
ent scenario.
Historical Information about the rate of Hospital Acquired Infections in past in the premises of hospital for the last 1 year is particularly relevant according to objectives of my research and workplace requirements. The purpose of this study is to analyze the...

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