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Summarize Maurice Barrès's views in his speech of 1898, including his view of the French government. Include short quotes from the text.

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Election Campaign Speech
November 1, 1898
Voters, in opposition to a politics which aims only to satisfy hatreds, and
whose only motive power is the greed to rule, I come to you again with
those national and social ideas which you have praised before and will not
eject today ....
At the summits of society as in the depths of the provinces, in the moral
order as in the material order, in the commercial, industrial, and agricul­
tural world and on to the building sites where French workers face com­
petition, the foreigner, like a parasite, poisons us.
An essential element of the new French politics should be to protect all
citizens against that invasion, and also to guard against that excessively
cosmopolitan-or, rather, excessively German-socialism which would
weaken the defense of the fatherland.
The Jewish question is linked to the national question. Ranked by the
Revolution with authentic Frenchmen, Jews kept their distinctive traits,
and after having once been the persecuted, they became tyrants. We sup­
port the most complete freedom of conscience; further, we would consider
it a grave danger to allow Jews the privilege of appealing to-and that way
appearing to defend-the principles of civil liberty promulgated by the
Revolution. [They] violate those principles through ... their habits of mo­
nopolizing, of speculation, of cosmopolitanism. Still further, in the army,
in judicial offices, in ministries, in all our administration, they far exceed
the percentage to which their numbers in the general population may en­
title them. They have been appointed prefects, judges, treasurers, of:fir,0rs
ecause they have the money that co
upts .... [We] must do away with
that dangerous inequality and obtain more respect for our authentic citi­
zens, the children of Gaul and not of J udaea ....
For the past twenty years, the opportunist political system has favored
Maurice Ba
es, Scenes et doctrines du nationalisme (Paris: Felix J uven, 1902), 432-34.
Note: Translations by Michael Burns, unless otherwise noted.
the Jew, the foreigner, the cosmopolitan. Those who commit this criminal
or explain themselves by saying that exotic foreigners
ing energetic
elements to France. Some fine elements ... which have co
upted us rot­
ten! Here is the full truth: The energetic elements that French society re­
ally needs it will find in itself, in promoting the rise of the poorest, the most
downtrodden, in raising them up to the greatest well-being, to the great­
est professional training.
One sees how nationalism necessarily gives rise to socialism. We de­
fine socialism as "the material and moral improvement of the most nu­
merous and poorest class."
After centuries the French nation has reached the point of giving its peo­
ple political security. Now it must protect them against the economic inse­
curity they suffer at every step.
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Table of contents
Discussion    3
In his 1898 address, Maurice Ba
ès expresses strong nationalist feelings, critiques the cu
ent political order, and expresses wo
ies about the infiltration of foreigners—especially Jews—into many areas of French life. He fiercely opposes policies that are motivated by hatred and greed in favour of social and national ideals that put the safety and well-being of real French people first. Ba
ès portrays foreigners as parasites that contaminate French society in order to highlight their negative impact. He says, "In the moral order as in the material order, in the commercial,...

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