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Students will be required to design and justify an evidence-based motor control intervention plan. The intervention will be targeted at a specific population (chosen by the student)and will aim to...

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Students will be required to design and justify an evidence-based motor control intervention plan. The intervention will be targeted at a specific population (chosen by the student)and will aim to address, at most, two specific issues (where more issues exist, please prioritise) over a maximum of a five week period.Motor Control theories should be taken from those found in Unit 5 (instruction and augmented feedback, chapters 14 & 15)and unit 6 (practice conditions, chapters XXXXXXXXXXof the prescribed text. Each student has the freedom to select their own 'population' and 'specific issues'. Examples from last year included groups such as the elderly, pre-school children, pregnant mothers, stroke victims, youth sport settings, elite sport and many more.

The assignment should include

  • An introduction (40%) that clearly explains and justifies (referencing from the literature)your Motor Control Theory and its relevance to the specific skill that needs to be improved within your targeted population.
  • A methodology (40%) that details your targeted population,issues or skills that are being improved, how learning will be assessed (pre and post testing and or transfer of learning) and detail of how this isintended to occur (lesson plans of up to five weeks can be used).
    • There needs to be enough detail within your methodology, that someone else can implement it.
    • Think about how your lessons or interventions change over time i.e. increased difficulty, variation of practice etc. (this will be guided by your Theory, but proposing similar interventions over time will become boring to your population).
  • A reference list (10%)using Vancouver style, with a minimum of 10 references (source and quality will be assessed).
  • A 10% mark will also be given for clarity of writing, presentation (spacing, consistency of formatting etc.), spelling and grammar (proof read your work).

Students are reminded that the intervention needs to be underpinned by a Motor Control Theory and not other areassuch as biomechanics, physiology or strength and conditioning. Also, thatTHAT INTERVENTIONS ARE ONLY TO BEPROPOSEDAND NOT CARRIED OUT.

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Motor Skill theory
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Motor control theory    3
Population selected for motor control theory    4
Relevance of the theory    4
Methodology    5
Issues or skills that need to be improved    5
Pre and post testing    5
Plan for learning motor skills    6
Benefits of the intervention    7
Conclusion    7
References    9
Motor skills are regulated with both central nervous system and body movements which directs the person to perform a specific activity. Such skills are necessary in the area of functional skills which helps in evaluating the performance of people through a specific activity[footnoteRef:2]. However, a person who is mentally retarded needs to learn fundamental motor skills so as to understand about language and cognitive aspects. The present research study has been made on young children who are experiencing difficulty in learning and communication. In relation to this, the study has discussed the relevance of motor skills for young children by integrating their health problems. Apart from this, a plan has also been made for the purpose of defining the ways through which mental ability of selected population can be improved. [2: Buja A, Volfovsky N, Krieger AM, Lord C, Lash AE, Wigler M, Iossifov I. Damaging de novo mutations diminish motor skills in children on the autism spectrum. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2018 Feb 20;115(8):E1859-66]
Motor control theory
The study of motor control can be applied in wide range of disciplines such as psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience and biomechanics. The theory essentially includes production of reflexive, automatic, adaptive and voluntary movements which further helps in managing the performance by involving multiple body systems and nervous system. It includes reflex theory which states that movement is controlled by stimulus response. Under this theory, reflexes are considered as the basis that facilitates movements. Reflexes are also combined into actions which further create behavior. Sensory inputs control motor output; henceforth it helps in stimulating good reflexes. It certainly inhibits primitive reflexes; thus it relies on feedback.
The theory states that central nervous system produces purposeful and coordinated movements which interact with the rest of the body and with the environment also and afterwards, it gives the action to act[footnoteRef:3]. The main aim of motor control is to create a formal description by considering all the physiological processes that make such movements possible. This also gives idea about motor learning which is the process of acquiring a skill that refines automatic movements of the person. Motor learning is an internal neurologic process which results in the ability to produce a new motor task. Thus, it includes a set of internal processes with practice or experience that leads to permanent changes in the capability for skilled behavior. [3: Gamage SA, Wijesinghe CJ, Burtner P, Wickremasinghe AR. Teachers' Experience for Improving Fine Motor Skills of Children with Down Syndrome in the Context of Special Education in Southern Province of Sri Lanka. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Journal of Educational and Pedagogical Sciences. 2018 May 3;5(5).
It is also known as a complex process in the
ain which occurs to a practice that allows for production of a new motor skill. It is also ensures to have smoothness and accuracy of movements[footnoteRef:4]. The theory also underlines variables which contribute to motor program formation by underlying skilled motor behavior. At the same time, it creates sensitivity in e
or- detection processes which gives signal about movement. Thus, it is defined as a concept that connects with internal processes and helps to perform specific activities. The theory includes all essential skills and capabilities which can aid a person to ca
y out different tasks and practices. [4: Brusseau TA, Hannon JC, Fu Y, Fang Y, Nam K, Goodrum S, Burns RD. Trends in physical activity, health-related fitness, and gross motor skills in children during a two-year comprehensive school physical activity program. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 2018 Jan 6.]
Population selected for motor control theory
Selected population for the present research study is young children. Such people have been targeted in the study because they have more issues in relation with development of motor skills. The opportunities of learning are fewer; hence they are being selected to analyze the importance of motor skills.
Relevance of the theory
The theory is relevant for the selected target because sensory and motor experiences forms the basis of all intellectual functioning which helps the children to perform any specific activity. When children continue to mature, they rely more on physical interactions with people; hence this helps in enhancing stronger image[footnoteRef:5]. Motor skills are regarded as essential component of development for all children as that regulates both body movement and central nervous system. For younger children, it is essential to have suitable body movements so as to grow properly and for that they need to have adequate balance between learning and action. The theory seems to be appropriate in all ways because of the aspects it includes in the developmental activities. Therefore, for young children, more opportunities should prevail for cognitive development. [5: ...

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