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Students must choose one of the following topics: The complexity of change Change Management Tools Task Details: Students must complete the task by: oResearching a range of current academic journal...

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Students must choose one of the following topics:

The complexity of change Change Management Tools

Task Details:

Students must complete the task by:
oResearching a range of current academic journal articles related to the selected change

management topic.
oExplaining clearly what the current change management literature is saying about the topic.oStudents should evaluate potential change interventions, select appropriate change and

develop\recommend plan for change in the assessment.
oDrawing supported conclusions as to the validity of current change models discussed in the


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Executive Summary
The work will focus on various resistance that is applied to the changes
ought in by the organisation. The relation between the changes and the employees are discussed
oadly and the strategic choices for deciding the best possible way to implement the change and also to take necessary steps in order to understand the process of resistance is discussed. Along with these, a development plan is written for the change in the assessment structure.
Table of Contents
Executive Summary    2
Introduction    4
The Complexity of Change    4
Concept of Change Management    4
Potential Change Interventions    4
Parochial Self-Interest    4
Misunderstanding and Lack of Trust    4
Different Assessments    5
Low Tolerance for Change    5
Selecting Appropriate Change    5
Education and Communication    5
Participation and Involvement    6
Facilitation and Support    6
Negotiation and Agreement    6
Manipulation and Co-Optation    6
Developing a Plan for Change in Assessment    6
Plan    7
Implementation    7
Review    7
Conclusion    8
References    9
The business needs to review the plan and actions from time to time in order to have a greater understanding and even maintain certain standards of business. In the modern world, it is important to have continuous changes and implementation in order to succeed. The changes in the process often face serval resistance from the employees who due to the fear for change makes it difficult to implement the process (Rosenbaum, More & Steane, 2018). The work will depend on several strategies that one can take and even discuss
oadly the resistance that companies can manage. Along with these, the assessment change plan will be developed for understanding the process of change management
The Complexity of Change
Concept of Change Management
Change management is a systematic approach to deal with the transition or transformation of the organisational aims and objectives, technologies and process. The main part of the change management is to implement certain strategies that would affect the change, controlling and even would help the people of the employees in the organisation to adapt to the changes. The change management system lies in the hand of the top management of the organisation. The top management creates strategies after recognising the need for change in plans or actions in the organisation. Change management is a process, which takes into consideration the impact of change and the system of adjustment with change.
Potential Change Interventions
Parochial Self-Interest
One of the main reasons that the organisational changes are resisted is because of the process. People think they would definitely lose something if there were change. In this case, of self-interest, people focus on their own wellbeing and interest and not of the whole organisation. The resistance arising from their situation results in politics and political behaviour from the people and creates an unhealthy environment for the organisation. The political behaviour often arises before air during the process of change; these efforts are directed towards self-goals and personal best interests. The act is selfish is for the benefit of one individual or group and it is not at all for the best interest of the organisation or other individuals.
Misunderstanding and Lack of Trust
People also resort to change when there is less undertaking of the implication and precise that there is more loss than the gain of the process of change. Such situations often occur when there is a lack of trust between the person initiating the change and the person or group of people accepting the change. In the organisational structure, it would be the relation between top-level management and the employees (Van Rossum et al. 2016). There are a handful of organisations, which have a high...

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