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Sunabh answered on May 30 2021
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Answer 1
    Hospital admission process for the indigenous communities in Australia is distinct compared to non-indigenous communities. As presented in the case study, Marli and Sharon belong to Aboriginals community, which are also native or indigenous communities; therefore, during hospital admission one of the major factor to consider is the cultural and linguistic differences. Marli and Sharon has never been out of town and used to live in remote areas.
Therefore, they might not be aware of the hospital admission procedures such as hospital forms and other formalities. Therefore, presence of a health liaison officer (HLO) could be considered as a mandatory service (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2020). HLO helps the indigenous patients and their families while sorting admission procedure by acting as a mediator or translator between the healthcare workers and patients. Further, they help to resolve any complaints, investigate concerns and help with completing the admission procedures to the hospital.
    Further, during hospital admission it would be essential to provide Marli and Sharon the required assistance regarding each diagnosis. This is majorly because both of them used to live in remote area; therefore, they might not be well versed with the medical procedures required for the treatment of pneumonia. Likewise, since, indigenous communities are the most socially and economically disadvantaged groups
Hence, they are not required to pay for the medical treatments or minimal fee is charged from them. This is majorly because Sharon might not be aware of the health insurance services provided by Australian government to every Australian citizen. Therefore, they might be covered under special programs such as Aboriginal Medical Services and Aboriginal Legal Services.
Answer 2
    Creating a culturally safe environment for Marli and Sharon at the hospital could be a difficult yet, essential task. As evident from the case study, other nurses might not consider the hardships faced by indigenous communities and could pose a threat to them. Culturally safe environment for Marli and Sharon would first include respecting and accepting them for who they are. In other words, treating them just like other patients would be essential in order to prevent them from feeling distinct (Australian Institute of...

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