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Step 1:Findthree (3) scholarly articlesin the databaseAcademic Search Completethat help support your working thesis for the MP . Yes, these articles must be scholarly (peer reviewed)--need help...

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Step 1:Findthree (3) scholarly articlesin the databaseAcademic Search Completethat help support your working thesis for the
. Yes, these articles must be scholarly (peer reviewed)--need help withASCor identifying scholarly articles? Check out this tutorial:

Tutorial-ASC-Updated XXXXXXXXXXpdf

Download Tutorial-ASC-Updated XXXXXXXXXXpdf

Step 2:Complete a Research Log (
linked here
Links to an external site.

make your own copyLinks to an external site.

) for the article(s) you found this week as part of your research process.Complete one Research Log form for each article!As in please don't lump them all together in one chart...butyou can put all three charts in one document.

*Students are strongly urged to review the providedsample


Logs (linked below)before submitting their work to make sure they are meeting the assignment expectations!

This project provides students with the opportunity to develop their approaches to research through inquiry by interrogating a topic and then arriving at a position supported by scholarship.

onedoesnot.jpgTo start the research process, students will write a brief
that includes: topic, a set of research questions, and a general plan of attack for the project at hand. This project itself has two major components: 1) the
Annotated Bibliography
and 2) the
Hypertext Essay
. Something important to note:This is not your typical research essay project.Those are stiff, formal, and probably won't be read by many people. It's best tothink of this more like an opinion article you would find on a website.What does that mean? It means the focus should be on somethingrelevantthat will generate interest to a wider audience. Yes, there's a strong research component...but that doesn't mean the project can't be fun! See the
list of topics and articles
to see what I mean.

This approach allows students to develop a research project while also incorporating a digital conversation within their essay. By first creating the annotated bibliography, students will learn the best way for them to fully explore research—finding sources, evaluating them, and then putting them into conversation with other scholars as well as finding their own academic voice in the essay. The multimodal nature of this project will include links to sources/contexts/genres, videos, images and polished words on the page. Students will explore approaches to citation methods (MLA/APA) which will also allow them to interrogate conceptions of plagiarism and copyright laws as they incorporate both print and digital work into their own document.


toystory.jpgThis project asks that students engage with both scholarly and non-scholarly sources in order to gain a well-rounded understanding of their topic. To start,
choose an article from this list.
From this article, you will get the topic of your project as well as establish your working thesis to help focus your research path and form the basis for your Hypertext Essay. Students must include a minimum of3 scholarly (peer reviewed) sources, at least3 non scholarly sources, and the inclusion of at least6 digital componentsthroughout the text. Therefore,at minimum 12 sources will be incorporated. Students have free reign over the non-scholarly source types, but proper citations must be included while the scholarly sources will be found through the use of Reynolds library databases.

This is what needs to be filled out

A research log is essentially a diary of the databases, search terms, and search strategies you used; the resources you found; and your evaluation of these resources. Documenting your research process helps you keep track of your steps as well as think about the choices you make as a researcher. This log will help you see the big picture of research and more carefully consider the resources you select for an assignment.

MLA Citation

Type of Source?

(Scholarly or Popular)

How do you know?


(Why is this a credible source? Use


to support your case!)






In your own words, summarize the argument being presented.

How is this source useful to your understanding of the topic? New information? Says something you agree or disagree with? (Use at least one quote from the article)

This is an example of how it should look like.



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