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States what thoughts you found most useful regarding How to choose a country to sell to How to find customers What 2 countries would you choose to export to? Why? What problems do you see, and why do...

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States what thoughts you found most useful regarding
  1. How to choose a country to sell to
  2. How to find customers
  3. What 2 countries would you choose to export to? Why?
  4. What problems do you see, and why do they trouble you?

Please answer the questions above and please respond to the attached classmates summary,
I am requesting the previous tutor to complete this assignment
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Doreen Hudson Unit 1 Topic 2- Setting a strategy It is not uncommon for a successful domestic business owner to want to think about taking business globally. It is important to ensure that a solid trade strategy is put into place. Some things to consider when devising the strategy are if overall benefits of exporting will outweigh costs, what will be the additional demand on key resources and how will they be met and if current company goals are harmonious with exporting products. It is important to do research on exporting, research the country or countries you wish to enter into to provide a window into if there is a market opportunity in the first place for the product to be exported, and to know who your customer base is. Ensure that your business will comply with and be consistent with the rules and regulations of that country in which you want to do business. Finally, reach out to foreign trade commissions of the country or countries that you wish to break into with exporting and they will be able to provide help and guidance on important details in accomplishing this process with topics such as tariff codes, shipping and other paperwork necessary. Once a trade strategy is in place, there is amazing purchasing power available globally – according to approximately 67% of people outside of the United States have purchasing power and 96% of them currently live outside of the United States. Expanding business to outside of U.S. borders will increase business, profitability and create more jobs. “Each $165K in exports creates a new American job!”( XXXXXXXXXXNot thinking about doing business globally through exporting is considered by some to be a missed opportunity for growth and expanding U.S. businesses. People in other countries are very interested in products manufactured in the United States. Consumers look for value in purchasing products and if they are useful to them. Many consumers from foreign lands look for items that...

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Robert answered on Dec 29 2021
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The response and summary given are quite apt to answer several questions on international trade and
they provide in depth analysis on how we can choose the right country to sell to. The information that I
found the most useful include facts on the purchasing power of people outside USA and their interest in
uying US made products. This gives us a sustainable customer...

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