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Start writing your draft, as you do your research project. (Put it all together) i. Write an executive summary of the report (Purpose, Scope, Method, Results, Recommendation and Conclusion) ii. Write...

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Start writing your draft, as you do your research project. (Put it all together)
i. Write an executive summary of the report (Purpose, Scope, Method, Results, Recommendation and Conclusion)
ii. Write a Review of Literature based on past and current work in your topic (no more than 3 pages)
iii. Briefly explain each methodology used in the past and present (5 or more methodology)
iv. Compare the above methodologies from your perspective on the efficiency, simplicity, extension into other applications, time saving when used, cost saving when used, feasibility, connectivity, commercialisation issues, etc.
v. Explain the methodology which best suits your application/problem based on various factors with proper justifications. This methodology can be one of the above methodologies or a combination of more than one.
vi. Include tables and graphs to support your justification and argument.
vii. Discuss your research findings with a conclusion.
viii. Referencing should be in APA6 format.
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Big Data, IOT, Cloud
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Executive Summary
The report consists of the application and the usage of big data and IOT. The applications of big data and IOT have been included. There are not multiple methodologies which can be implemented but the major IOT and Big Data frameworks have been included in the report. There are multiple uses of IOT and Big Data. Every day new smart devices are produced and consumers are the ones who connect these devices to the internet after purchasing them. Now days these devices can be varying form your home refrigerator, TV, mobile phone, even your garden sprinklers are connected to the internet. All these devices do one thing parallel to what it needs to be done, which is gathering data. The technology used is the IOT, Big Data and Cloud Computing
Table of Contents
Big Data & IOT Frameworks and Methodologies-------------------------------------6
IOT OSI---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7
BIG data initiated when the data on the internet burst! We have created loads and tons of data bytes since the beginning of the digital age. This alteration started winning place with the usage of processors on wide scale. The internet came and added gasoline to the fire of data and it burst. The rise of computers, the usage of internet, betterment of technology and novelty at regular intervals have led to the growth of data into big data. Data now in itself is an invention and helps create insights to the businesses.( Wu, X., Zhu, X., Wu, G. Q., & Ding, W. (2014). ) Going back before the digital age, papers, files, notepads were all data and was maintained in an ethical and clean manner. Computers and spreadsheets gave us a responsible and a compact storage to organise data into large scale and in an easily understandable and accessible way. The information was available at the click of a mouse! Todays digital world has expanded more than ever and in 2 days we create as much data as we created in the year 2000. It is believed that by the year 2020, the total worldwide data would exceed 5zettabytes today to 50zettabytes! i.e. 10 times more!
Every action we take has a digital footprint and creates a trail path that leads to the user of the data. We generate data when we click the mobile data ON, we generate data when we Switch on the GPS, we generate data when we text, call, view websites and every action. The amount of data generated by the machines is growing too. In smart homes, the devices collect data and share it among the other devices to make it smarter. The data is collected in the home servers and in industry too, the machinery plants and factories are fitted with sensors that collect data and transmit it at a very fast bitrate. The following report is the analysis of the usage of Big Data and its analysis tools for the organisations
Big Data & IOT Frameworks and Methodologies
Organisations and the customers both produce vast variety and quantity of data which has to be analysed and insights have to be drawn for customer satisfaction. Researchers at multiple universities are trying to figure out frameworks and applications which can handle large amounts of complex data. CLAaaS is an acronym for Cloud based analytics as a Service. CLAaaS was a conceptual architecture for the analysis of data in the cloud world. The software can be customised and collaborated with...

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